Disney has invested a lot of money in the “Mandalorian” and are already preparing the second season

Disney is so confident in the success of John Favreau's project (Iron Man, The Jungle Book) on the Star Wars universe that they are ready to invest millions in each episode. Learn about the budget, release date, and other news of the 2019 Mandalorets game series.

Small meter with blockbuster budget

The Mouse House decided to abruptly switch from solo films on the Star Wars universe to TV shows, but the cash investments from this did not become less generous. According to a recent publication in the Wall Street Journal, the budget for just one episode of the Mandalorese series is close to $ 15 million. Now let's calculate the total costs.

In only eight episodes of the first season, Disney invested $ 120 million, not including the cost of an advertising campaign. For comparison, the budgets of many Hollywood blockbusters of recent years amounted to about 210-250 million dollars.

Investors are sure that the investments will be justified, because a characteristic helmet with a T-shaped visor flashes in the frame. Such armor was worn by the most famous bounty hunters in the Star Wars universe: Django Fett and his son Boba Fett. Both belong to the warlike people of the Mandalorians or Mandalorians. Filmmakers are so sure of their popularity that they entrusted this project to become the first game series in the history of the franchise!

The premiere of season 1 of the series "Mandalorets" will be held on November 12, 2019 at the streaming service Disney +

The Mandalorians are a kind of space version of the Spartans from our history. They raised the war into a cult, and their armor is incredibly strong. They often played the role of a third party in numerous wars in the vastness of a distant, distant galaxy, but more often they were simply mercenaries. If the fans of the classic trilogy fell in love with one universal soldier with a mass of deadly surprises, it would be great to fully present the whole people!

Kara Dune, Former Empire Assault Attack

Where can I meet Mandalorians

  • Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Meet Django Fett;
  • Episodes V and VI: Bob Fett, the genetic copy of his mercenary father, is plotting here;
  • Animated series "The Clone Wars" - We meet space Amazon Sabine Wren. This native of the planet Mandalore fought on the side of those who rebelled against the Old Republic;
  • Comics. For example, "Knights of the Old Republic" or "Boba Fett is Dead".

Footage from a fan video containing fragments of the original video content

We still do not know anything about the plot, and they are already writing the second season

So far we only know about the plot of its chronological framework. The action will take place between the sixth and seventh episodes. This is the period immediately after the fall of the Empire and the triumph of the new Republic. The new hero, in armor, like Fett's, is hiding from the winners somewhere in the back of the galaxy.

Or maybe he is just a stranger to any order - what's old, what's new? Is lawlessness still prevailing in his chosen corner of outer space?

“After the Fett stories in the Star Wars universe, another bright representative of the Mandalorians will appear. The series will unfold immediately after the fall of the Galactic Empire, but before the First Order appears. We will find out how hard the fate of a lone shooter is in remote corners of the galaxy outside the jurisdiction of New Of the Republic "- directed by John Favreau.

We have not even been shown a teaser trailer, and Favreau is already busy writing a script for the second season. We can only add that in the series there will definitely be imperial stormtroopers that have not been waged, travels to various planets and a stylish Mandalorian starship.

Who starring

The main role will be played by Pedro Pascal, known for his rather scandalous character - Prince Oberin Martell from "The game of thrones". The company will be composed of Gina Karana, Verno Herzog, Taika Waititi and others.

We will keep you updated with the latest news about the plot, budget and release date of the Mandalorets 2019 series.

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