When will Astral 5 come out?

A fifth of the popular franchise about traveling in the world of spirits and demons was announced in February 2018, almost immediately after the fourth film “Astral: The Last Key” was released. Screenwriter Lee Wannell said the work has begun. However, official information about what Astral 5 will be called, its release date in Russia, the trailer, the actors, the plot, and when the director will be presented, can only be expected in 2020, and the film itself - not earlier than 2021.


Insidious 5

USA, Canada

Genre: horror, detective, thriller

Producer: Lee Wannell

World Release Date: supposedly 2021

Release in Russia: supposedly 2021

Cast: Lin Shay, Lee Wonell, Angus Sampson. The rest of the castes are not yet confirmed.

Budget: it’s not exactly known, but the creators invested $ 10 million in the fourth part, and collected $ 161 million.

This may mean that the next franchise will receive at least as much. Although among critics, there has been a decline in interest in the Astral series: only 33% of RottenTomatoes and 5.7 on IMDb for the last film. This fact can call into question the feasibility of large investments in the continuation of the picture.


The history of the Astral franchise has always not developed linearly, but the connecting link was the character of psychic Alice Reiner (Lee Shay). She died saving the boy and his father in the first part, the following films revealed the woman as a character, and the fourth story brought her close to the tragic events of the beginning of the franchise.

Such completeness and the circular disclosure of the plot may indicate that the continuation will either concern previously unknown events in Alice's life, or, more likely, will be a new round. No wonder the character of the medium’s niece, Imogen, who also has the ability to penetrate beyond the bounds of visible reality, was introduced into Astral: The Last Key. Apparently, it is the history of its formation that will become the basis of the next film.

The new medium "Astral" was played by a young actress Caitlin Gerard. If her name is in the caste of the expected part, then we can confidently declare the beginning of a new story with a new guide to the world of shadows. However, most likely, the directors and screenwriter will not completely exclude the character Li Shai, beloved by moviegoers. Alice will probably appear in the form of a spirit that helps the girl to understand the laws by which the astral works, or as part of the past, left behind the scenes storylines.

If the fifth part follows the path of unlocking Imogen's opportunities, then probably the guys from Spectral Sightings - Speks and Tucker - will also be involved in it. Alice began a romantic relationship with the first, and the second, of course, will not leave a friend on the path to new supernatural adventures, no matter how frightening they may be.

Director and shooting

All script work on films about the astral world was undertaken by Lee Wonnell, who also acted as a producer, and sometimes as a director (in the third film of the film story). The first and second parts were directed by James Van, and Adam Robitel worked on the fourth and so far last.

At the moment, it’s difficult to say whether he will remain in the team, or if Blumhouse Productions, the franchise filming company, will select a new chapter in the filming process.


So far, it is worth mentioning only those characters who were present in all four parts of the film:

  • Lin Shay as Alice Reiner, an elderly female medium who helps those whose souls are stuck between the living world and the astral plane through the fault of evil spirits. She also played in the films Midnight Man, Black Room, Everything Is Mad About Mary, and The Nature of the Beast.
  • Angus Sampson as Tucker, assistant Alice. He played in the TV series Fargo, The Walking Dead and Clairvoyant, as well as the films Winchester. The House that Ghosts Built, Mad Max: The Road of Fury.
  • Lee Wannell in the role of Speks, he appeared in "Saw: Game of Survival", "Matrix: Reloaded", "Aquaman."
Also worth mentioning is the alleged new franchise medium, Caitlin Gerard (Gerard) as Alice's niece. Before "Astral 4" she managed to play in the films "Social Network", "Super Mike" and in the series "American Crime".

Caitlin gerard

Interesting Facts

Do you know that:

  • Astralov screenwriter Lee Wannell also wrote 3 parts of the world-famous Saw and was the producer of the entire franchise about a maniac killing with complex mechanisms.
  • There is a British film production called Astral: A New Dimension. But the tape has nothing to do with the original franchise. She went to the Russian hire almost simultaneously with Astral: The Last Key, but raised only 664 thousand dollars against 7 million of her namesake and predecessor.
  • Lin Shay was almost immediately approved for the role of Alice Reiner.
  • When writing the script, Lee Wannell kept on his desktop a list of clichés from horror films so as not to repeat them.

When the release date for Astral 5 is scheduled, the release in Russia, the trailer and the actors involved are unknown, and you can only guess about the plot. But, most likely, the tape will be released only in 2021. I am glad that the audience’s interest in the mysterious world of “Astral” does not fade away, and the collections of the previous parts only increased, clearly proving that horror films are not just stupid “scarecrows” for teenagers, but a full-fledged movie that evokes empathy and makes you think.

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