Dark Tower - a series based on the novel by Stephen King

The next adaptation of the novel by the writer S. King will be the series “The Dark Tower” (2019), the release date of the series in Russia is 2020, the actors and the plot of the 1st season have been announced, the trailer has not yet been released. It is known that the first season will be based on the book "The Sorcerer and the Crystal", and the Amazon TV channel will be released.

The expectation rating of the series is 96% (KinoPoisk).

The dark tower


Genre: adventure, fantasy, action

Producer: -

World Release Date: March 2020

Premiere in Russia:2020

Actors:Elaine Cassidy, Tim Chipping, Daniel Fazers, Jerome Flynn, Ivan Kay, Ana Padran, Abraham Popula, Jasper Pyakakonen, Joan Ribeiro, Michael Rooker and others

In the TV screen, we will be shown the past shooter of Roland: his friends, love, as well as dangerous enemies.


In the center of the plot is the story of Roland Diskein, who is the last representative of the oldest order of shooters. He already does not remember how many years his endless journey lasts. But the main goal of the shooter is the Dark Tower. It is she who is able to stop the world from extinction. The tower is located in the middle of a field of roses and rushes high into the sky. She is the center of the universe. It is the search for the Dark Tower that is Roland’s main destination ...


The project will be shot based on the book by Stephen King ("The Darkness", "1408", "Misery", "Shawshank Redemption", "The Green Mile"). He will become the screenwriter of the series, as well as Glen Mazzar ("Damien", "Shield", "The Walking Dead", "Negotiators"). Akiva Goldsman (“Kings”, “Konstantin: Lord of Darkness”, “Knockdown”, “Mind Games”, “Titans”) started producing, Glen Mazzara and Stephen King. The artist was Adam Squire ("24 Hours of a Woman's Life", "Sixteen Years of a Hangover", "Jason Bourne", "King Outlaw").

It is not known who will take the post of director. It was supposed to be Nikolai Arsel ("The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", "Millennium", "Ronal the Barbarian"), but he refused, becoming only a screenwriter:

"The work on the series is in full swing. I and other authors wrote a pilot series. It will be awesome. The show will be completely canonical to the books."

Glen Mazzara, Nikolaj Arcel

Photos from the shootings are already online, for example, actor Michael Rooker posted a photo with his trailer, and there are also some photos of the "Big Coffin Hunter" (which is probably Deepap or Reynolds).

The first episode of the project will be filmed in Croatia. In total there will be 13 episodes in the series. The filming process will last until the fall of 2019, and the premiere is expected in March 2020.

Actors and roles

The following western stars took part in the series:

  • Elaine Cassidy as Gabrielle Disney ("Others", "Felicia's Journey", "Disco Pigs", "The Lost World" Dope "," No Offense ");
  • Tim Chipping as Christopher Jones (“Extremely English Scandal”, “Jonathan Creek”, “Alien Woman”, “Sherlock”, “Troy”, “Liar”);
  • Daniel Fazers in the role of Abel Vanney ("Total lawlessness", "Kingdom", "Black Matter", "Dark Child", "Prince for Christmas");
  • Jerome Flynn in the role of Stephen Diskein (Vincent, The Black Mirror, Game of Thrones, Van Gogh: With Love, Vincent, John Wick 3);
  • Ivan Kay (“Uncomfortable Farm”, “Electronic Bugs”, “Borgia”, “Vikings”, “Layered Cake”, “Woman in White”);
  • Ana Padran as Cordelia Delgado (Call Girl, Gigola);
  • Abraham Popula as McCready ("Will," "Philip C. Dick's Electric Dreams");
  • Jasper Pääkkonen as Martin Broadlock ("Naked Cove", "Vikings", "Heart of a Lion", "Permafrost");
  • Juan Ribeiro in the role of Susan Delgado ("Cinema Days", "The Man Who Killed Don Quixote");
  • Michael Rooker as Elred Jonas (The Walking Dead, Lie Detector, Rock Climber, Sea of ​​Love, Guardians of the Galaxy, Burn, Burn Clear).
According to rumors, Amber Heard, Whoopi Golberg and Greg Kinnear may appear in the film.

Interesting Facts

Some interesting information about the series:

  • The creators laid out a map that shows the key places where the events of the series will take place.
  • Aybolt Canyon is the location of the wormhole that we can remember from Book Four.
  • Oakley is the northernmost village of Mejis. There is very little information about her. Perhaps the creators of the series decided to increase the role of Oakley.
  • Bar K - this building Hash Ramfru placed at the disposal of the Roland cabin during their stay in Majis. This is their warehouse, housing and stable.
  • Kuos Hill is a hill on top of which is the abode of the old witch Ria.
  • The Great Road is the longest route to Majis.
  • Tavares is a village on the shores of the Clean Sea.
  • Lowland - several times flickered between the lines in the books.
  • Kitgo is a cluster of oil rigs on the outskirts of Hambry. Farson planned to use this oil as fuel for military vehicles.
  • Hambry is the most important city in the fourth book. This is where most of the plot unfolds. And Silk Ranch Road passes through Hambry. This is probably a trade route.
  • The adaptation of the book "The Dark Tower" took place in 2017. Then the main roles were played by Matthew McConaughey and Idris Elba. However, the film did not appeal to the audience. According to rumors, Stephen King sold the rights to the film adaptation for 19 dollars and 19 cents.

Fans have to wait for the announcement of the exact release date for the first season of the Dark Tower series (2019) in Russia, the actors and plot of which are known, the trailer is not yet available for viewing (will be released closer to the premiere in 2020). This time the creators of the film will try to please the fans and not depart from the established canons of the book.

Watch the video: Stephen King's The Dark Tower Series (February 2020).