10 films about abnormal tornadoes, tornadoes and storms

What destructive power are natural disasters capable of? To answer this question, you need to get acquainted with the list of the best films about hurricanes, tornadoes and tornadoes. In the paintings presented, desperate heroes will fight the climatic apocalypse.

Tornado (Twister) 1996

Genre: Action, Thriller, Drama

Rating - 7.2

As the sound of a tornado, a slow-motion recording of the sound made by a camel was used.

Joe is a famous tornado hunter. Her husband Bill is trying to get a divorce in order to marry a new charming girlfriend Melissa. But suddenly, a destructive tornado intervenes in the plans of the heroes, which blows everything in its path. The transmission lines are broken, buildings collapse like houses of cards, cars “fly” through the air - complete chaos is happening in the city. In the end, Bill, Joe and Melissa join the storm hunter group. Their task is to deliver the measuring device to the very heart of the raging tornado.

Storm Warning 2007

Genre: Horror thriller

Rating - 5.6

Storm clouds were created after filming using computer graphics.

A couple in love, Pia and Rob, are boating and falling into a terrible storm. They are thrown to a terrible shore, where there is no one in the area. Heroes meet on their way a strange farm, on which they find whole marijuana plantations. Suddenly, land owners appear who are not at all happy about the appearance of new guests. Scary, ugly types in ragged rags mock Rob and Pia. For lovers, a real hell begins, to get out of which is not possible.

Cyclone 1978

Genre: Action, thriller, adventure

Rating - 5.6

The slogan of the film is "A furious storm was only the beginning ... Sharks will become a ruthless end!"

The painting "Cyclone" is on the list of the best films about natural disasters, natural disasters and a storm that has fallen from the sky. The plane falls into the ocean during a severe storm. Several survivors manage to find refuge on a small tourist boat. Will the heroes survive in extreme conditions? They have neither food nor water, and the infinitely scorching sun makes them crazy. Worse still, hungry sharks swim around, who are not averse to eating delicious human flesh. In anticipation of a rescue plane, survivors are forced to resort to extreme measures ...

Dante's Peak 1997

Genre: Action, thriller, adventure

Rating - 6.8

The volcanic ash in the film was created from small pieces of newspaper.

Scientist Harry Dalton travels to the small town of Dante's Peak to do a typical chore - to explore the seismic situation on the northwest coast. The hero is horrified by the results and immediately appeals to the authorities to urgently evacuate the city. But the government does not heed the opinion of an experienced scientist and only shrugs. Girl Rachel Wendo comes to the rescue, who realizes the whole nightmare of the situation. Heroes need to find a safe place, because soon only ruins will remain from the city.

Disaster Day (Category 6: Day of Destruction) 2004

Genre: Fiction, action, thriller

Rating - 6.1

The picture was shot under the working title "Reboot".

"Day of Disaster" is an exciting film that is worth watching connoisseurs of the genre. The destructive forces of nature leave a lifeless desert from Las Vegas. Endless hurricanes torment the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Winds reach a record speed of 200 kilometers per hour and ruthlessly destroy everything in its path. Scary to look at the sky - countless lightning reigns there. All of North America has experienced unprecedented forest fires. Residents were left without light and communication just at the moment when the most destructive hurricane in the history of mankind hit the country. The heroes of the picture will have to find a way to survive in a disastrous situation and save their friends.

Shelter 2011

Genre: Horror, thriller, drama

Rating - 6.8

Actress Tova Stewart, who played the role of Hannah, is deaf in real life, like her parents.

Curtis is a happy husband who is trying to provide a luxurious life to his beautiful wife Samantha and daughter Hannah, who suddenly lost her hearing. Life went on peacefully, but once Curtis began to torment nightmare dreams. The hero dreamed that soon an imminent catastrophe would happen on the whole planet, which would destroy all of humanity. In the end, Curtis begins to build a shelter, hoping to save his family in the event of an imminent threat. But what is fraught with great danger - a possible cataclysm or obsessive dreams in the head of a mentally unhealthy person?

Robbery in the Hurricane (The Hurricane Heist) 2018

Genre: Action, thriller, crime

Rating - 5.4

Maggie Grace in the film wears an Ohio state cap. The actress was really born in Ohio, in the city of Worthington.

"Robbery in a hurricane" has a special place in the list of the best films about tornadoes and tornadoes. In the picture, one of the main roles was played by the star of the television series "Lost" Maggie Grace. A gang of robbers has developed a brilliant plan. They decided to take advantage of the impending tornado as a cover and steal $ 600 million from the US Treasury. True, the criminals did not take into account that the impending natural disaster will have incredible destructive power and will destroy half of the American population. Can thieves outsmart a natural disaster and complete the operation?

Devil Winds 2003

Genre: Fiction, Action, Drama

Rating - 5.4

The slogan of the film is "Once in a lifetime humanity is faced with the wrath of nature."

Hurricane hunter Pete Jensen arrives in Tyler’s hometown where natural disasters took his beloved wife's life several years ago. When he returns, he learns that experienced reporter Julia Morrow wants to unearth the details of those tragic days and asks Pete to help her with this. The protagonist finds out that soon another powerful hurricane will approach Tyler. A frantic wind could destroy a laboratory that stores deadly viruses. If this happens, then most of the population will be destroyed. To prevent threats of universal proportions, Pete challenges the deadly elements.

Into the Storm 2014

Genre: Adventure, Action, Thriller

Rating - 6.1

Several frames from tornado news releases were used in the picture.

"Advise which movie to watch in one go?" - asks a fan of apocalyptic paintings. Towards the Storm is a fascinating film about what people are ready to go to capture the deadly element on the camera. Pete wants to take some cool shots of a huge tornado. Together with a team of like-minded people, he drives an armored car in the hope of meeting a tornado of destructive power. However, not everyone in the group shares his obsession bordering on recklessness. Hoping to take a spectacular shot, Pete is even ready to sacrifice her life. Once a powerful tornado is approaching Silverton, and Pete realizes that he has a unique opportunity to capture, perhaps the largest tornado in history. While residents are seeking refuge, Pete leads his team to the very epicenter of a huge funnel.

Winning Time (Hours) 2012

Genre: Thriller drama

Rating - 6.9

This is one of Paul Walker's latest films. The hero died two weeks before the picture went on sale worldwide.

“Winning Time” is one of the most moving films about hurricanes, tornadoes and tornadoes, which is on the list of the best films about catastrophes on a global scale. A man named Nolan is in seventh heaven with happiness - he had a daughter. But the protagonist does not yet know that the smile will soon disappear from his face, because a terrible hurricane is approaching the city, which will mercilessly destroy everything in its path. Nolan realizes that only he can save his daughter, who is in the incubator for newborns. Can Nolan support her daughter's life without electricity and medicine?

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