Fans spot another blooper in Game of Thrones 5 episode

Before the fans recovered from the Starbucks cup in episode 4, they found a new blunder in episode 5 of episode 8 of Game of Thrones. This time it’s not just the Latte that Daenerys ordered, but the quickly materialized hand of Jaime Lannister. But is it really so?

When Jaime Lannister somehow managed to get to the Red Castle after the wounds inflicted by Euron, he met Cersei there. Probably the regicide was so glad to see her lover that during a hug he had a new arm (by the way, instead of which he wears an iron prosthesis for many years). However, this is not an omission of the editors at the post-production stage.

This is just a frame for a series on which there is no special processing. But in the series itself there is no such fragment - there the iron hand is in place.

By the way, showraners laughed at the audience’s claims about coffee in the frame, saying that there really shouldn’t be coffee, because Daney ordered TEA!

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