What does the new Game of Thrones intro screen mean?

Fans of the Game of Thrones are thrilled, as the new season has finally come on television, breaking another record hits. Fans immediately noticed some differences from other seasons, for example, a new screensaver that attracted their attention and raised the question:

Are the new 8th season titles of Game of Thrones spoilers?

What's new in the screen saver

The titles of “Game of Thrones” never changed: new locations were added, old ones were removed - everything was standard for 7 years, but now everything has been turned upside down. If earlier we saw the camera sweep from the Royal Harbor, capturing various sights of Westeros and other continents and only at the end reach the North and the wall, now everything is going exactly the opposite: from North to South.

What was shown in the new footage:

  • We see how the wall collapses, how quickly blue ice cells spread behind it, which, in fact, are an army of white walkers led by the King of the Night. In each new frame, cells move farther and farther: we see the Ambergian birthplace (which is located on a hill in the form of a spiral resembling the sinister message of the King of the Night to all living beings at the end of the first episode of Season 8);
  • Blue cells stop right near the river, which, of course, can become a big obstacle for the undead, who can not swim;
  • Then the camera moves to Winterfell, Royal Harbor, smoothly transferred to the dungeon of the Red Castle, and the viewer sees the skulls of the three Targaryen dragons and a huge ballista directed at them. Perhaps this weapon will still play an important role in the series;
  • Well, the last element of the credits is the iron throne, and on top of it flaunts the Lannister family crest, a symbol of Cersei’s current reign, and at the end of the season this emblem can change if someone else takes the throne.

And the only symbol that remains unchanged is the astrolabe, whose tricky turns we have been observing for several years - in one of the last frames 4 dragons are depicted, one of which is Daenerys, reborn from the fire, as well as a comet, symbolizing the arrival of magic in world at birth of dragons.

The creators of the series probably did not just change the final screen saver, because in it the viewer will be able to see some unnoticed details, as well as suggest further developments. So the new credits of the 8th season of Game of Thrones can definitely be called a spoiler, albeit a small one.