Episode 6 Episode 6 of the Game of Thrones

Details of the last 6 episodes of the final 8 season of Game of Thrones are already known from the retelling of the actors of the series - we’ll look at what has become known from the words of the “most talkative” stars, and what fate, judging by the spoilers and according to the facts, awaits many characters beloved by many characters.

First, it is worth noting that in the third episode the main “Battle for the North” will unfold, which was difficult for many actors to play in because of its scale and duration. The creators of Game of Thrones planned to make this battle the largest in television history.

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What a battle the King of Night liked

Vladimir Furdik (King of the Night) let slip in one interview that, despite the scale of the Battle of the North, he likes a completely different battle, namely the one that will begin at the walls of Royal Harbor. Given that the battle for the Capital of the 7 kingdoms should unfold only at the very end, then most likely this will be the 6th episode.

Recall that the 8th season of Game of Thrones will last 432 minutes, which is 8 minutes shorter than season 7.

When shooting the final season, each actor revealed only those details of the script that relate to his character. Consequently, Furdick read about the battle for the Royal Harbor in his scenario version and, accordingly, will be an active participant in this scene, in the person of the King of the Night.

Persistent Sansa

Sophie Turner said that now her heroine Santa Stark finally has the strength of her family, and she will be in the finale of the "real" Lady Winterfell.

But what does that mean? Most likely, Sansa will still be alive in the 6th series, and the North will still be on her side.

Lanisters in the finals

In one interview, Nikolai Koster-Waldau uttered a phrase saying that the children of the Lanisters will still be able to get to the very end. And this means that everyone loved by Jamie will be alive in the last episode - It was not confirmed. Cersei and Jaime died in episode 5 under the wreckage of the Red Castle.

What's wrong with Daenerys

But the statement of Emilia Clark about her heroine can upset fans of the stormy:

“It just killed me. I was very upset when I found out that the aftertaste from Daenerys will remain just that. And also, that she will do these terrible things throughout the finale. ”

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Women on the throne

Macy Williams let slip that season 8 would push all male characters even further. And this means that one of the ambitious heroines will most likely retain the iron throne, and it is the woman who will rule the Kingdom.

“For me, Game of Thrones is a medieval world in which women do not have so many rights, but they still prevail,” - M. Williams (fragment from an interview with ELLE.

The tragic fate of Tyrion

Peter Dinklage (Tyrion, aka Bes) said the screenwriters of Game of Thrones brilliantly ended his character in the finale, even better than he and the fans of the series could have imagined. According to him, it will be a wonderful ending for Tyrion, albeit tragic, but still. And this means that Besa is waiting for death precisely in the 6th series.

The actor also stated:

“I will not give names, but I will say that one young character at the end of the season will make such a U-turn, from which everyone will simply be in despair. This is one of those heroes that at the beginning of the series were children and grew in front of the audience ”

Many are inclined to believe that it is Bran specifically: he can die, be killed or sacrifice himself. And, perhaps, the Iron Throne will occupy it at all.

What fate awaits Bran in season 8.

The complex fate of the Gray Worm

Jacob Anderson (Gray Worm) spoke out about how difficult it was to shoot the Battle of the North, and let slip that his character, the leader of the impeccable, would face a very serious and difficult test, and the audience might be unhappy with his fate in the finale. Perhaps this is due to his cruelty in the battle for the Red Castle.

“But Gray Worm is a soldier, and he has no other way,” Anderson said.

The final scene of John Snow

Keith Harington in an interview said that in the last scene, his character (John Snow) will pour "crocodile tears." Judging by the pictures from the set, John will appear in Royal Harbor in the 5th or 6th episode. This means that he will be able to survive the battle of Winterfell.

Episode 3 Season 8 - Arya defeated the King of the Night.

If you believe the spoilers from the stars of the series, in the last season the audience will be betrayed, spectacular battle scenes, intrigues, sharp 360-degree plot turns, as well as many unlucky options for ending the “Game” of your favorite characters.

Recall that the release date for the series in Russia is April 15, 2019, the last episode will be released on May 20, 2019.

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