A meter apart - new frames and videos

Very soon, the premiere of the film "A meter apart" (2019) with famous actors will take place, frames from which you can already see. The main roles in the drama were played by Cole Sprouse and Haley Lou Richarlson. The Russian release date is set for May 1.

But in America, the premiere of the drama “Five Feet Apart” has already taken place, the audience appreciated it very well - at 7.1 according to the IMDb website.

Interesting: Photo report from the premiere of "A meter apart" in Los Angeles.

The plot of the film is tied to the difficult difficulties that stand in the way of two teenagers in love. They both meet in the hospital, where they end up because of a deadly disease. The institution has strict rules: for the sake of their own health, lovers should not be closer than a meter to each other. But, despite the prohibitions, for the sake of love, adolescents decide to destroy this invisible wall between them ...

While Russian viewers are waiting for the premiere, they can watch the amazingly touching music video by Andy Grammer - "Don’t Give Up On Me", which exactly matches the overall mood of the film: it will show some shots even in such a short period of time (video lasts 3 s half a minute) will be able to show love between the main characters, as well as all the difficulties through which they have to go. We warn you that all sensitive and sentimental viewers should stock up on handkerchiefs: this video will affect you very deeply and make you cry (however, like the movie itself).

By the way, if you want to prepare yourself for this touching drama, then we will tell you similar to films on “A Meter from Each Other” (2019):

  • Of course, it is worth noting such a movie as “Blame the Stars” (2014), which inspired the creators of “A Meter from Each Other”;
  • "Me, Earl and the dying girl" (2015);
  • “See You” (2016);
  • "My Angel" (2016);
  • “This whole world” (2017);
  • Life itself (2018).

Russian viewers are only expecting the premiere of the film “A Meter from Each Other” (2019) with famous actors, shots of which will appeal to all lovers of romantic and touching dramas, but judging by the feedback from English-speaking users, the movie is definitely worth a visit in theaters.

In the meantime, the screen characters of Cole Sprouse and Haley Lou Richardson are struggling with boundaries that impede their love, the actors of “Five Feet Apart” really made friends and even attended an interview for IMDb, where they had a nice and fun time, guessing films on romantic quotes of them.