After (After) - each country will have its own version of the film

The latest news about the film "After / After" (2019), the footage from the filming of which is presented below, became known. Its Russian release date is set for April 18, 2019, and the rating of expectations is estimated at 92%.

It is very interesting that each country will have its own version of the film in accordance with the target audience. In America, the film will show fewer sex scenes, in France, where the audience is more adult (women aged 25-40 years), the film will have the most candid scenes, which can be judged by their poster. In Russia, the age limit will be 16+, which still means some censorship and cut out erotic scenes.

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Actors have already visited some interviews and conferences, here are photos from Toronto, Paris, Lisbon.



Toronto and Paris

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The actors themselves say that fans met them in many cities, and especially in Milan, the stars note that they felt like a royal family, waving fans from the balcony.

And the most important thing:When will the continuation of "After a Quarrel".

The cast also talked about their favorite scenes:

  • Hiro Fiennes-Tiffin has a car ride scene in Atlanta,
  • and Joe’s favorite scene is on the lake, because the shooting was during a thunderstorm, but the actors jumped into the water with fun and excitement.

In addition to the published shots from the shootings, from the latest news about the film "After / After" (2019), one can note the official playlist of this project, one musical composition of which was created by Pia Mia, the performer of the role of Tristan.