Sherlock Holmes 3 will be released in 2021

Back in 2009, the film adaptation of the great books by Arthur Conon Doyle - “Sherlock Holmes”, directed by Guy Ritchie, gained immense popularity (as well as large fees - about $ 500 million). After such success, the sequel simply had to go out, which happened in 2011. And now about when the production of the new part of the franchise will begin, the latest news has become known - the shooting of the film "Sherlock Holmes 3" (Sherlock Holmes 3) will start in 2020, and the release date of the picture itself is 2021.

In the new part, as reported by HN Entertainment, the plot will be transferred from Victorian London to America - to San Francisco. In January 2020, the filming process starts, and the release date itself is planned for December 2021.

As in the previous parts, the main roles will be played by Robert Downey Jr., known for such films as: Chaplin, Heart and Souls, Gothic, Iron Man, Avengers, and Jude Law ( “Gattaka”, “Enemy at the Gates”, “Handsome Alfie, or what men want”, “Aviator”, “Anna Karenina”). And Guy Ritchie ("Cards, money, two tables", "Big jackpot", "Revolver", "Rock and Roll"), most likely, will again become the director of this film project. Obviously, the transfer of the scene is due to the fact that the great detective is not so famous in America, so he will have to prove his independence and show skills, competing with local detectives.

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