Skate God

This audience has not yet seen! A promising skateboarder turns out to be a descendant of ... the ancient Greek god! And only he is destined to save the world. The release date and the actors of the 2019 film "Skate God" are already known, and the trailer will have to wait, but the film project has high expectations and is very intriguing with its extraordinary plot. Its world release is set for June 21, 2019.

Skate god


Genre: fiction, fantasy, action

Director, andact and script: Alexander Garcia

World Release: June 21, 2019

Cast: Chloe Bridges, Peter Fonda, Nathan Gamble, Ivan Ross, Osric Chow, Celeste Desjardins, Gabriela Lopez, Brennan Maya, Ryan Cooper, Lauren S. Mayhew and others.

Save the world with a skateboard? Easily!


A young man living in a dystopian world suddenly discovers that the ancient Greek god Zephyr, who rules over fast winds, is his relative. Actually, it is not surprising that the young man became a skateboarder with incredible abilities. These abilities should help him in the fight against a supernatural evil that he wants to take over the Earth and turn from it a real Hell. And what is useful to a guy in this fight? Of course, my favorite skateboard!

Director and shooting

The producer and screenwriter of the film "God of Skate", which, apparently, is very attracted to the topic of skateboarding, was Alexander Garcia, completely unknown to our viewer. He starred in such films as: "Skateboarders" (2003), "Kings of Dogtown" (2005). He was also an executive producer for the movie "Cousin Sarah" (2011).

Hector Rodriguez, known for the films "Idealist" (2005), "Chemist" (2015), "No Way Out" (2015), took up editing.

A huge number of people have already become interested in the project, first of all, thanks to its unusual idea - no one in the world of cinema has yet depicted the God-skateboarder on the screen.

Actors and roles

The cast who participated in the film:

  • Character Azuru played Chloe Bridges ("New Girl," "Companions," "Pretty Little Liars," "Carrie's Diaries");
  • In Skyler reincarnated Peter Fonda ("Mortal Fall", "Ghost Rider", "Escape from Los Angeles");
  • Nathan Gamble appeared in the role of Gage ("Bones", "House", "Mist", "Dolphin's Story");
  • Ivan ross played by Saif ("Fart", "90210: The New Generation", "Evil City", "In the Embrace of Lies");
  • Osrik Chow acted in the role of Drake ("Hundred", "2012", "Supernatural", "Going to the Dawn");
  • Celeste Desjardins played by Vanity (“Beginning”, “Hostage”, “Secrets of Haven”, “With a Capital Letter”);
  • Lacy played Gabriela Lopez ("Rosewood", "Hand in a Million", "5th Wave");
  • Brennan Meia acted as Gnar ("Secretly from parents", "American horror story");
  • In the role of Metolus Ryan Cooper ("Very bad girls", "Bait");
  • Lauren S. Mayhew played Blaze ("Superstar", "Law and Order", "Dexter").

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • The project marks the first full-length film about skateboarding in 3D and the birth of the first action hero of skateboarding on the big screen;
  • The creators once negotiated with Stan Lee to become a film producer in the early stages of development;
  • Skate Gods Tony Hawk and Luke Benward, the lead actors in the film, have the same birthday;
  • Tony Hawk and Tony Alva are participants in the project "Kings of Dogtown", which was based on the life of Alva.

This is the first skateboarding feature film to be released on Skateboarding Day - June 21

The audience has to wait for the trailer of the intriguing film "Skate God" with the release date in 2019 and famous actors, it will clarify the plot, give a look at the actors and the atmosphere, which definitely should be extraordinary because of the theme taken by the director.