Secret Order (The Order)

And again, the Netflix channel will delight its viewers with something incredible and magical, namely, the series “The Secret Order” (Order) of 2019 with known release dates and actors; The trailer for the first season of the TV show is already available for viewing in Russian. He will reveal some facts and announces the plot.

The order


Genre: fantasy, horror, drama

Producer: Matthias Handle, Leslie Hope, Christian Lehman

World Release Date: March 7, 2019

Starred in the series: Jake Manley, Sarah Gray, Matt Frewer, Sam Trammell, Max Martini, Adam DiMarco, Lowrie Troncu, Thomas Elms, Aaron Hale, Devery Jacobs and others.

The whole world is filled with magic that is right in the air. And if someone finds a way to curb her, then a great future awaits him ...


An ordinary teenager, Jack Morton, enters a prestigious university, the main secret of which is the legendary, so-called, secret Order of the Blue Rose. Many do not believe in him, but the protagonist is desperately trying to penetrate deep into the secrets of the university and reveal what kind of order it is - all in order to avenge the death of his mother. His efforts are rewarded - secret personalities invite the teenager to join the Order, and promise that his life will change forever.

What are they doing in the Order of the Blue Rose? The magic. It is her main character that will be studied throughout the series. With new abilities, the guy will have to challenge a terrible creature - a werewolf killing students, and also pay a heavy price for owning magic ...

Director and shooting

On the creation of the series worked:

  • The series was directed by Matthias Handle (Pine Trees, End of Game, East End Witches, Genius, Hot Spot), Leslie Hope (River, Men at Work, Never Give Up) Murdoch's Investigation), Christian Leman (The X-Files, Escape, Race, Modified Carbon);
  • The script was worked by Shelley Eriksen (Continuum, Hot Spot, Bloody Connections), Dennis Heaton (Reader of Thoughts, Zombies Fredo, Bloody Connections);
  • The musical component was composed by composer Patrick Caird ("Hold on to the End", "Wild Fire", "Rake", "Dead Zone").

The main filming process took place at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

Actors and roles

Starred in the series:

  • Jake manley appeared in the role of Jack Mortan (“Hemlock Grove”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “American Gods”, “I am a Zombie”);
  • Alicia performed Sarah gray ("Lucifer", "Pine", "I-Zombie", "Once Upon a Time");
  • Max Martini played by Edward Coventry (Trick Me, Save Private Ryan, Pacific Rim);
  • Adam DiMarco reincarnated as Rendala Carpio (“Kill for me”, “Supernatural”, “Rebel”);
  • Lowriz Troncu played the role of Gabrielle ("Supergirl", "Cult", "Night at the Museum: The Secret of the Tomb");
  • Hamish Duke performed Thomas elms ("Still see you," "Out of time");
  • Aaron Hale played by Brendan ("Chilling Adventures of Sabrina", "Dangerous Game Sloan");
  • The role of Lilith Befori performed Devery Jacobs ("American Gods", "Be a Man", "Dead Zone");
  • Also starred in the series. Matt fryer ("Kidnapped", "Alice in Wonderland");
  • Sam Trammell (“I Am Anger,” “House Doctor,” “True Blood,” “Blame the Stars.”)

Interesting Facts

Do you know that:

  • Despite the young age of Jack Manley, he already managed to be in the role of producer of the short film "GUION" (2018);
  • Matthias Handle, one of the main directors, has already worked on a variety of fantasy series, but as a cameraman.

GUION - The Story of a Young Astronaut
GUION is a short film about Guion Bluford, the first African American man in space.

TV series trailerThe Secret Order (Order) with a release date in 2019 and with famous actors is very intriguing with its plot and a good picture. Spectators are waiting for a magical magical world, interesting characters and mysterious puzzles.

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