STARDUST David Bowie Movie Details

How many films about the greatest figures of art, politics, culture of all times and peoples have already been created and have yet to be created. One of these projects, telling about the formation of a famous and popular musical artist of the 20th century, was the film "Stardust" (Stardust) about David Bowie 2020, whose actors and release date are already known; the trailer is not yet presented.


United Kingdom

Genre: biography, drama

Producer: Gabriel Range, Paul Van Carter

World Release: May 1, 2020

Cast: Johnny Flynn, Jena Malone, Marc Maron and others.

Budget: $ 5.5 million

The viewer will be able to see how the path of the talented musician David Bowie began.


The story tells about the formation of a superstar, starting with his first trip to America in 1971, which inspired the singer to create his own alter ego Ziggy Stardust, in whose honor the film is named.


Casting for the biographical film Stardust about the late David Bowie is still ongoing, but the project is already in a difficult position. According to director Duncan Jones, Bowie's son, he forbids the use of his father’s compositions in the project.

From Twitter account of Duncan Jones: “I’m sure that no one got the right to music for ANY biographical film ... I would know. I’m not saying that the film is not produced. I truthfully report that the film will not have papa’s music, and I don’t I can imagine that this will change. If you want to see a film without his music, then this is your choice as an audience. "

In an interview with EW, Stardust producers from Salon Pictures in the UK said: "We would like to clarify that this film is not biographical - it is a film about a turning point in David's life, and it does not depend on Bowie's music. In our original press the release talked about it. "

Producer and director Paul Van Carter also said: "We will not resort to Bowie music. We always knew about it." “We will not lie about something like that,” he added, pointing to a press release. In the project, the creators use musical compositions of the period that Bowie himself rehashed.

Regarding family permission, Van Carter explained that the producers "contacted the Bowie family before we started developing the idea for this film." "We suggested sending the script and involving relatives in the creative process," he said, adding, "we were told that the family would not give approval ... relatives usually don’t license Bowie’s music." The producer also said: "This is not a big budget musical biographical film like Bohemian Rhapsody. We are not trying to make it such a film." Van Carter called Stardust "very sensitive, respectful, about a unique moment in Bowie’s life."

Duncan Jones

Camera crew and cast

The film was directed by Gabriel Range (“The Death of the President” 2006, “Falcon” since 2012), and the producer was Paul Van Carter (“Churchill” 2017, “McQueen” 2018).

Gabriel Range, Paul Van Carter

Musician and actor Johnny Flynn will play the role of David Bowie himself in the upcoming 2020 film Stardust. Jena Malone and Marc Maron will also be filming.

Johnny Flynn, Jena Malone, Marc Maron

Flynn is best known to the audience for his roles in the Netflix series “Remember All Connections” (since 2014) and in the NatGeo studio project “Genius” (since 2017); in the latter, he played in tandem with Jeffrey Rush, a young Albert Einstein. Currently, he can be seen on Amazon's Vanity Fair, and he is gearing up for a future adaptation of Jane Austen with actress Anya Taylor-Joy.

Johnny flynn

Interesting Facts

Some useful information:

  • The main production is scheduled for June 2019, and will present the project in Berlin;
  • Recall that the popular rock musician David Bowie himself died of cancer on January 10, 2016 at the age of 69;
  • Bowie is not the only superstar about whom the biographical film is made. Recently it was announced that a musical film about the Canadian singer Celine Dion for $ 23 million is being produced by the French studio Gaumont.

Mural in memory of David Bowie in Little Italy in Manhattan

We hope that soon the creators will release the trailer for the film "Stardust" (Stardust) about David Bowie, whose release date is in 2020, with famous actors who, in addition, are also figures in the music industry, and the film itself tells the true story about David Bowie’s creative exaltation.

Watch the video: David Bowie: Stardust Trailer (February 2020).