It 2 (It: Chapter Two)

The new stage in the fight against the terrifying demon clown was shown by the director Andres Musketti in his 2019 film “It 2”, the release date and actors of which are known; a trailer for films in Russian also came out and shows us that this part has become even worse and worse than the previous ones. The rating of the horror expectations, which is included in the top of the most anticipated films according to the KinoPoisk website, is 93%.


It: Chapter Two


Genre: thriller horror

Producer: Andres Muschetti

World Release: 4 September 2019

Release in Russia:September 5, 2019

The film was attended by: James McAvoy (Bill), Jessica Chastain (Beverly), Bill Skarsgard (Pennywise) and others.

Viewers are eagerly awaiting the continuation of the terrifying thriller about the terrible killer clown.


27 years have passed since the teenagers met the demonic monster - the killer clown Pennywise. The guys grew up, parted somewhere, and began to live a calm, happy life. That's just the past overtakes them again - It has awakened again.

Director and shooting

The sequel was directed by Andres Musketti, who directed a 1990 remake of the film "It". In the previous film, several teenagers from the town of Derry clashed and defeated Pennywise, who projected the most terrible fears of people, and then killed them. The 2017 film received a good rating of 7.3. Andres Musketti is also known for the thriller: “Mom” (2013), in which he took the place of director and screenwriter.

Andres Muschetti

The sequel to the 2019 sequel was Gary Doberman again, most of whom work on horror films and thrillers. His works include: “The Curse of Annabelle” (2014), “Inside” (2016), “The Curse of the Nun” (2018).

Gary Doberman

The director of the original film "It" in 1990 was Tommy Lee Wallace. The picture had an age limit of 18+, and the rating was 7.0. Then the role of the main villain was played by Tim Curry, whose game was recognized as excellent.

The shootings of the 2019 horror took place in Canada, the town of Port Hope, Ontario, where there were many suitable places. One of these places is an old, dilapidated house, familiar to fans of the novel. Surely, this place has become a film set for a new film.

Actors and roles

The cast of the previous film in 2017 was attended by:

  • Jaden Liberer played Bill ("Henry's Book");
  • Jeremy Ray Taylor played Ben ("Good Behavior");
  • Sophia Lillis played Beverly (Sharp Objects);
  • Finn Wulfard played Richie ("Very Strange Things");
  • Chosen Jacobs played Mike (Castle Rock);
  • Jack Dylan Grazer played Eddie (Monster City);
  • Wyatt Oleff played Stanley (Guardians of the Galaxy 1.2).

In the new film, the characters that have matured are:

  • James McAvoy as Bill ("And in my soul I dance," "Atonement");
  • Jessica Chastain in the role of Beverly ("Servant", "Interstellar");
  • Bill Hader as Richie (Star Trek: Retribution, Men in Black 3);
  • Jay Ryan as Ben (Legend of the Seeker, Beauty and the Beast);
  • James Ranson as Eddie (My Boyfriend is a Killer, Sinister);
  • Isaiah Mustafa as Mike ("Chuck", "Twilight Hunters");
  • Andy Bean as Stanley (Transformers: The Last Knight, Power in the City at Night).

New characters also participated in the sequel: Adrian (Xavier Dolan), Audrey (Jess Weixler), John (Jake Viry).

Invariable remains the actor playing the main villain - Bill Skarsgård. Projects where he participated: "Arn: United Kingdom" (2008), "Anna Karenina" (2012), the series "Helmock Grove" (2013-2015). But the real popularity was brought to him precisely by the role of the penny clown Pennyweis, in whom he got used to very well - the actor himself said that he had put a lot of effort into interpreting the character, and his main guideline was Stephen King’s book “It”, on which all films of this series were shot.

The released trailer (unfortunately, in Russian it is not yet available) shows the scary shots of the upcoming film: the ominous sewage system, where the same clown is hiding, matured heroes, as well as the unchanging attribute of all films are red balls.

What you need to know about the film

Some interesting facts about the films of the series "It":

  • The storyline of the 2017 film was postponed to 1989, while in the very first “It” action took place in 1958;
  • Andreas Muschetti and Jessica Chastain have already worked together on the thriller Mom (2013);
  • According to the plot of the novel, an ominous clown comes to our world every 27 years. A remake of the original film "It" came out exactly 27 years later.

The release date, the actors of the 2019 film "It 2" are known - it remains to wait for the trailer in the Russian voice acting, and then the horror itself. Surely, it turned out to be quite scary, sinister and frightening, because the director himself advised the audience to "stock up on diapers."

Watch the video: IT CHAPTER TWO - Final Trailer HD (February 2020).