The best horror of 2018

Not every movie buff has the opportunity to attend premieres, so more and more people began to wonder - where can I watch online horror films of 2018 that have already been released? On our site, every movie fan can watch the trailer, choose a movie to taste and have a good time in a friendly company.

Below we present the most terrible and memorable horror films that make blood freeze in my veins.

Reincarnation (2018)

Genre: Horror

Producer: Ari Astaire

Leading roles: Gabriel Byrne, Alex Wolfe, Tony Collette, Millie Shapiro.

Rating: 6.4

The death of a loved one always leaves its mark on our future life. The main character, Annie Graham, recently lost her mother and for a long time was in a depressed state. Now the girl lives in a huge mansion, which she inherited.

Just stepping on the threshold, Annie felt something strange. Every day, staying in the house is becoming unbearable - extraneous sounds are heard, it’s more terrible to sleep, and horror gradually begins to reach its peak. Annie finds out that an ancient curse lies on her family. The girl must find answers to all exciting questions - the sooner the better, because evil does not sleep.

Explorer (2018)

Genre: Horror

Producer: Ilya Maximov

The main roles were played by: Alexandra Bortich, Alexander Robak, Evgeny Tsyganov, Vladimir Yaglych.

Rating: 5.3

In the center of the movie is a girl named Katya, who has paranormal abilities - the heroine sees ghosts. Once, a girl’s sister mystically disappears. Katya calls the police, but she throws up her hands and can not help. Moreover, the girl is considered abnormal. Throwing everything, the heroine goes in search of her sister. But how can you find a loved one when strange and mysterious phenomena begin to occur in the city, and they are trying to kill you now and then?

Mrs. Klaus (2018)

Genre: Horror

Producer: Troy Escamilla

In the picture played: Brink Stevens, Jace Alexander Greenwood, Helen Udi, Kylie Williams and others

Rating: 4.3 (IMBD)

The company of students is going to pass the rite of passage to join a mysterious club. The girls had to go through many humiliating trials in order to get their leader disposed. Angela got the most - she was forced to dip her head in the toilet, and then she needed to do shameful things in plain sight.

The goal is achieved - Angela got into the sister community. However, once in it, they still do not take it for their own - insults and humiliations continue. One night, Angela takes revenge on her offender, several dozen stabs in the chest - and the job is done. A few years later, Mrs. Klaus takes over. It is time for revenge.

Astral 4: The Last Key

Genre: Horror

Producer: Adam Robitel

The main roles were played by: Josh Stewart, Lin Shay, Javier Botet.

Rating: 5.5

The film takes place around an experienced psychic named Alice. The woman continues to fight the demonic forces of evil. This time, a family turns to her for help, having moved to a mysterious place called Five Keys.

In the new house, terrible things began to happen, which simply had no explanation. The heroine decides to help the family and immediately arrives at the fateful house. Seeing him, she is horrified - she herself once lived in this house. Stepping on the threshold, Alice realizes that the mysterious forces of evil have enveloped the house, and there is practically no way out of this situation ...

Venom (2018)

Genre: Horror, science fiction, thriller

Producer: Ruben Fleischer

The main roles went to: Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Jenny Slate.

The film can be downloaded on any torrent tracker.

Rating: 6.9

It seems that the journalist Eddie Brock has serious problems - at first an unsuccessful interview with the scientist Carlton Drake, then a job loss, and a difficult relationship with the girl keeps her from falling asleep. Soon, Eddie discovers that Drake has an alien creature in the laboratory, which he uses to experiment on humans. Brock comes up with a brilliant idea - to bring the scientist to clean water, thereby regaining work and living like in chocolate.

Sneaking into the laboratory, Eddie merges with the alien. Now Brock has superpowers that will help him fight the underworld. He is Venom, the savior and destroyer all rolled into one.

The mystery of the house with a clock (2018)

Genre: children's horror, fantasy, fantasy

Producer: Eli Roth

Actors: Cate Blanchett, Jack Black, Owen Vaccaro

Rating: 6.0

Lewis Barnavelt had a great sorrow - he lost his parents and so could not find them. Now he lives in the house of his uncle Jonathan. Lewis learned that his uncle is a magical sorcerer who can do amazing things.

Jonathan is confronted by the evil wizard Isaac Isard. The sorcerer managed to create a mystical clock and run a countdown. At its expiration, the end of the world will come, and the world will inevitably collapse. Isaac died and did not have time to finish his creation, but the clock is somewhere in the house of Jonathan.

Lewis and Jonathan need at all costs to find the clock and stop the timer, because Isaac Selena's wife can get to them at any moment, and no one knows what will happen next.

Suspiria (2018)

Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Thriller

Producer: Luca Guadagnino

Unique cast: Tilda Swinton, Dakota Johnson, Chloe Moretz, Mia Goth

Rating: 6.9

American Susie arrives in Berlin in the hope of becoming a famous dancer. The girl regularly goes to training and every day improves her skills. Gradually, the heroine begins to realize that mysterious things are beginning to happen in the dance studio. Every day the situation only worsens. Suzy must find the source of evil as quickly as possible, otherwise she may become a victim of demonic forces.

Without sleep (2018)

Genre: Horror

Producer: Phillip Guzman

Cast: Briah Grant, Stephen Ellis, Kelly Price

Rating: 5.8 (IMBD)

The film takes place in 1980. A few students ask a curious question - what happens if a person does not sleep 200 hours? The guys decide to put experience on the object, but as a result, he commits suicide. Local authorities learn about the incident and students are forbidden to conduct such experiments. However, the guys do not want to stop. Now they are experimenting with themselves. Every day it gets worse. And ominous forces make themselves felt. How now to understand where reality is, and where is mysticism?

Witch Dossier (2018)

Genre: Horror thriller

Producer: Kyle Rankin

The main roles were played by: Holly Taylor, Paget Brewster, Greg Finley

Rating: 3.9 (IMBD)

In the center of the plot are several schoolgirls who have paranormal abilities. The friends decided to organize a secret community in order to arrange small ugliness and just have fun.

After another hooliganism, the girls turned into old women. The schoolgirls thought it was all a matter of witchcraft, which they used. To regain their youth, friends completely abandoned magic, but their appearance did not change and remained the same. Has anyone secretly continued to conjure? Schoolgirls decide to conduct an investigation and stumble upon a dossier of a witch who is fraught with real evil.

Tumbad (2018)

Genre: Horror thriller

Producer: Adesh Prasad, Rahi Anil Barve

Cast: Rongini Chakraborty, Anita Date, Deepak Damle

Rating: 6.5

Films of Indian production have not been released so often lately, but the next horror film of 2018, which has already been released on television, is just a joint project of India and Sweden; in addition, the movie can already be seen online.

According to the plot, in the small rural village of Tumbad there is an old collapsed castle that hides immeasurable treasures in its basement. But jewelry has been guarded for centuries by something ancient and very sinister. The main character Vinayak decides to take a chance and go down to the castle’s gloomy catacombs. Will there be a warm welcome to the brave daredevil, or is he expecting a battle with something terrible?

Paranormal (2018)

Genre: Horror

Producer: Justin Benson, Aaron Moorehead

The main roles were played by: Justin Benson, Callie Hernandez, James Jordan

Rating: 6.5 (IMBD)

Once upon a time, Justin and Aaron entered into a sect that planned to commit mass suicide in one day. Having recovered themselves in time, the guys fled from there, and now they live a calm life, trying not to remember the past. Once the guys got a video recorded by former "friends" asking them to urgently return.

Having overpowered themselves, Justin and Aaron returned to the same sect and found out that no one sent any record. Not understanding what was happening, the guys witnessed paranormal events. Not believing their eyes, the guys are trying to unravel the mystical events that take place in such a terrible place.

Halloween (2018)

Genre: Horror thriller

Producer: David Gordon Green

Cast: Judy Greer, Jamie Lee Curtis

Rating: 5.9

For the past 40 years, Laurie Strode has been dreaming of a killer Michael Myers escaping from prison. She wanted to deal with the maniac with her own hand and finish him off. By coincidence, the bus that transported Myers had an accident, and the offender was at large. Lori was sure that Michael would come and pay her the last visit. But Myers did not suspect that the girl was ready to give an iron rebuff and would fight to the last drop of blood.

Slenderman (2018)

Genre: Horror

Producer: Sylvain White

Actors: Javier Botet, Joey King, Jasmine Sabino.

Rating: 4.1

The basis of the released film is the plot of the famous computer game Slender: The Eight Pages.

The events of the film take place in a quiet place. Around a quiet forest, well-groomed alleys - it would seem to be just a paradise for lovers of calm and peaceful relaxation. Teenagers have always been particularly curious, the same can be said about the four best friends - Chloe, Katie, Haley and Ren. Ordinary girls with their problems and difficult relationships with the family. One day, friends came across a video on the Internet that tells about the terrible creature Slenderman - a skinny and tall man without a face. According to legend, whoever sees his figure in the forest - death will inevitably await him.

A few weeks later the class went on an excursion with the girls. Walking through the park, Katie was terrified - she saw a skinny figure between the trees.

Supernatural (2018, season 14)

Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Thriller

Producer: Philip Sgrikkia, Robert Singer, John Showalter

The main roles were played by: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki.

The list of series can be viewed on the official website of the series

Rating: 8.2

The new season of one of the most successful television series of our time will continue to delight its fans. The Winchester brothers will again go on a pilgrimage to their chic Chevrolet Impala in search of demonic evil and its subsequent destruction. The creators said that in one of the series a long-killed character will appear. What kind of person this is and for what purpose his appearance will still remain a big mystery.

Annihilation (2018)

Genre: Horror, science fiction, thriller

Producer: Alex garland

Actors: Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson, Gina Rodriguez.

Rating: 6.6

X-zone - a place in which unexplained events occur. Various intelligence groups are regularly sent here to understand the causes of the paranormal. Once the husband of the biologist Lena went to the zone. The expedition was unsuccessful, the man became seriously ill, and at any moment he could die. To understand the causes of the disease, Lena herself goes to a mysterious place to find answers to all questions and save her beloved husband.

Here you can find a brief review of the film "Annihilation" (Annihilation).

Say your name (2018)

Genre: Horror thriller

Producer: Jason Dewan

Cast: Madison Lintz, Sidney Sweeney.

Rating: 4.1 (IMBD)

Ashley’s childhood is hard to call cheerful - regular beatings of her father and lack of love from her mother, in such circumstances, the girl spent most of her time. As an adult, Ashley dreamed of finding a loving and caring person who would serve as support and support for a further happy life.

But for some unknown reason, Ashley attracts demonic forces that do not want to leave the girl alone. Now, Ashley’s family needs to do everything possible to save her from evil forces, because otherwise the price of defeat may be too high.

Astral: A New Dimension (2018)

Genre: Horror, thriller, fantasy

Producer: Chris Mule

The main roles were played by: Frank Dillane, Daoud Shah, Catherine Stadman

Rating: 6.1 (IMBD)

The death of his mother for Alex Harmann was a real tragedy. The young man plunged into himself and stopped communicating with people. The guy woke up interest in the study of paranormal phenomena. Alex began to actively read literature on metaphysics and came to the conclusion that there are many other universes where everyone can go if he wants. Harmann decides to bet everything and go to another world to find his beloved mother. He understands that there will probably be no way back.

The House Jack Built (2018)

Genre: Horror thriller

Producer: Lars von Trier

The main roles were played by: Matt Dillon, Uma Thurman, Bruno Ganz, Sivan Fallon

Rating: 7.5

A bewitching yet frightening story unfolds around a serial killer named Jack. Over the years of his terrible work, the maniac has seen many innocent victims - innocent, stupid, but so alluring and seductive.

The offender is very inventive - a hunting rifle or a car jack, it does not matter for him how to hit his victim. For Jack, the pleasure he receives in the process of mocking defenseless girls is much more important. Murder is not just an act of committing a crime, but a real work of art.

Now you know where to watch online horror movies of 2018 that have already been released. Lovers of tickling their nerves should not pass by sensational novelties. Particular attention should be paid to the movie premiere of "The House That Jack Built." This film was able to create excitement around itself and deservedly is in the top of new products. In addition, she has the highest rating of all the above films. Have more adrenaline in your blood and enjoy your viewing!

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