Review of the film "Suicide Squad" / "(2016)

original name: Suicide Squad.

Genre: fiction, fantasy, action, adventure.

Producer: David Eyre.

Cast: Margot Robbie, Will Smith, Jared Leto, Jay Courtney, Cara Delevingne, Jay Hernandez, Yuel Kinnaman, Viola Davis, Adewale Akinoye-Agbage, Scott Eastwood.

Duration: 118 minutes / 01:58.

Age limit: 16+.

The world is in danger! Some supernatural beings with terrible power want to establish their rule. Superman died, so intelligence agent Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) extracts from the archives a secret project of the US government, according to which a team of criminals, fighters, fraudsters and psychopaths must confront Evil and save the unfortunate mother Earth.

The party consists of the schizophrenic Harley Quinn (Robbie), the hired killer Deadshot (Will Smith), the Australian thief and alcoholic Captain Boomerang (Courtney), the king of the underworld mutant reptile Killer Krok (Adewale Akinoie-Agbazhe), street gangster Chantero proznavato Elgato Diablo (Jay Hernandez) and Mercenary Slipnot (Adam Beach).

All these cute creatures are mounted in the neck of the microbombs that Amanda Waller using the remote control can blow up at any time. So our heroes will not succeed in escaping.

The squad is led by an elite soldier, Year Flag (Yuel Kinnaman), along with Katana (Karen Fukuhara), a Japanese swordsman.

Hoping to get a second chance and mitigate their sentences (some of this gop companies must rewind a few lifetime sentences), our superheroes must confront Evil and fulfill their honorable duty, even if they face death. Therefore, they came up with a name for themselves - "Suicide Squad."

DC Comics continues to catch up with Marvel. Following the paintings of Zach Snyder, “Man of Steel” and “Batman vs. Superman”, “Suicide Squad” was released. This time, David Eyre, screenwriter for Training Day with Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke, was invited to the director's chair. As a director, Eyre directed several powerful films - “Cool Times”, “Patrol”, “Rage”.

In terms of staging in the "Suicide Squad," David Eyre did little. It seems that he simply did not know what to do with all these heroes. Therefore, they look somehow inharmonious and do not reveal themselves at all as independent characters.

In "Avengers" by Jos Whedon, the entire cast worked as a coordinated clockwork, but here there is no sense of integrity. There is chemistry between the characters except Will Smith and Margot Robbie. The rest of the audience is like random passengers who have no idea why they were here. Smith and Robbie have already played together in the movie Focus. Perhaps joint experience benefited them.

With the plot here is a complete disaster. Again, some monsters are trying to take over the Earth, again a ray of light in the sky threatens with mass destruction, again a team of heroes will save everyone. In the end, we are again waiting for a fight with a vile and huge demon. Guys, well, really, could you come up with something more interesting?

Although the idea of ​​assembling eccentric characters, the best of the worst - fighters, scammers, villains and psychopaths - looked very sweet. But, unfortunately, it did not grow together. David Eyre lacked the skill and experience.

Here, however, the producers also “helped”, who decently ruined the picture by editing and by constantly imposing their vision of the film on the director. Therefore, in the trailers we saw one thing, but these moments did not even get into the film. It is not surprising that the fans were very indignant - they were attracted by the carrot, and as a result they showed a fig.

The installation is just awful. It seems that the "Suicide Squad" hastily riveted some freshman student in the Movie Maker program. The chaotic, ragged gluing, the music is superimposed “off topic”, the events “jump” to each other at the speed of Flash, which appears in the film for exactly one second. This whole thing looks like some kind of acidic video clip.

With action and special effects, too, is not a fountain. All the fights are not only ridiculous, but also set out frankly lousy. Harley Quinn for some reason does not demonstrate his acrobatic stunts, only waving a bat like a butterfly net. Diablo generally sabotages and only at the end shows a little power. Captain Boomerang is constantly drunk and almost never uses his weapons for their intended professional purpose. Deadshot just shot at the targets and fired great poem, Crocus generally climbed into the sewers.

Special effects also do not shine even once. They fired a little, had fun in the “war”, something exploded several times, some cosmic ray descended from heaven to Earth, the witch used some magic, Diablo finally rose up and confronted in a solitary duel with Chupacabra. All. And this is in the XXI century? And this with a budget of 175 lemons? And even in the same BVS they smashed the floor of Gotham City, but what?

With a better acting. Will Smith is always good, if not acting in dramatic roles that do not suit him at all. But comedic action movies are just what you need. The hitman Deadshot in his execution is good. A cute charismatic character who never misses with any firearm. Or almost never.

Margot Robbie played a great Harley Quinn. Here it’s just five points! Even the trailer showed that Robbie successfully "got accustomed" to the role. Love from all fans is guaranteed.

Chato Santana is a street gangster, a gopnik who has Pyrokinesis. When a guy is seriously angry, he turns into a Hulk of El Diablo, and can burn everyone and everything to hell. An interesting character, but rarely got into the frame. However, like all the other characters in the film, which were limited in time.

Killer Step is a mutant reptile whose body is covered in scales. For the entire film once successfully joked with himself. Self-irony is always good. So, in reptiles with brains, not everything is as sad as it might seem at first glance.

Captain Boomerang performed by Jaya Courtney was very reminiscent of Tom Hardy. Courtney's character turned out to be cool - an ardent alcoholic, a bank robber, but charismatic and cool. And Hardy, by the way, was supposed to play Rick Flag, but refused the role due to employment.

Japanese fencer with Katana swords performed by Karen Fukuhara was not at all impressed. She looks terrible, but her charisma is zero. A boring and uninteresting hero.

The same applies to the archaeologist June Moon, in whom the witch moved, performed by Cara Delevingne. She played in the styles of Christian Stewart. Maybe the model with her is not bad, but the actress is completely unsuitable.

The specialized mercenary Slipnota was generally leaked in a matter of seconds, so it’s hard to say anything about him. Seriously, just a few seconds passed between the appearance on the screen and his death.

Most of the disputes were about the Joker, which everyone compared to the Joker of Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight. Ledger turned out to be a completely brilliant character and this, without a doubt, is one of the most powerful roles in the history of cinema.

But even Jared Leto Joker turned out great! A vile and really creepy psychopath who, however, adores his Harley Quinn. She loves so much that she’s ready to kill anyone for her sake.

It’s not clear how, while still in her right mind, a girl therapist was able to fall in love with such a funny guy with green hair and braces on his teeth,

It is a pity that there were very few episodes with the Joker, and he did not have time to reveal in all its glory. Jared Leto himself in an interview said that many cool scenes with the Joker were just cut out. And it is really very disappointing.

The music in the movie is cool. Soundtracks from Black Sabbath, Queen, AC / DC, Eminem and Wiz Khalifa are real fireworks. Just inserted them somehow off topic.

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