Romanian photographer's project: look into my eyes

Romanian photographer Andrei Mogan (Andrei Mogan) presented an interesting project called “Look Into My Eyes”. For several months he had been photographing people who were holding a macro shot of their eyes.

The “Look Into My Eyes” photo project has a dedicated Facebook page. Andrei Mogan published several hundred photographs there, each of which causes goosebumps. He found heroes for an unusual photo shoot in a social network - he simply published a post and invited everyone to meet in a park or in the central square of his hometown.

Thus, the 26-year-old Mogan wanted to show that each person is unique. We are different in everything, even in such trifles as eye color. For his entire photo project, the Romanian photographer did not find people with the same eyes. Mountains, the ocean, a sandstorm, the vast expanses of the desert ... And what do you see in the eyes of another person?