10 celebrities who live like ordinary people

When we try to imagine the life of celebrities, red carpet, elegant dresses, limousines, yachts and luxury villas immediately come to mind. In reality, many of our idols live like ordinary people: they ride the subway, walk the streets, buy clothes and groceries in ordinary stores and do not at all boast of their star status.
In our selection you can see photos of celebrities that you may accidentally encounter while walking around the city.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake is an undoubted talent and professional to the marrow of bones, who is more concerned with creative achievements than material values. He often claims that it is better to be a champion in cleaning pools than an average actress, so he works a lot and is ready for literally anything to get his favorite role, for example, to learn several foreign languages.


Born in Barbados in a poor large family, the singer has remained a simple girl from a neighboring yard, who often communicates with fans on social networks, prefers to relax lying on a sofa in front of a TV, likes to cook national dishes on her own, and often travels by public transport.

Ann Hataway

A pretty brunette with a charming smile often emphasizes in an interview that she always remains an ordinary girl who grew up in New Jersey and does not want to hear about any star. It is easy to believe, because Ann never pursued luxury and behaved rather modestly in public, without characteristic stellar habits. And a chance meeting with this beautiful girl on the subway is by no means a fantasy.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore came to popularity as a child, however, the actress successfully recovered from a star fever, which ruined her career with many young talents. Today, the movie star leads a modest lifestyle, often posting on social networks her everyday photos without makeup, on the subway or on a regular walk around the city.

Dakota Fanning

Having become a star at a young age, Dakota Fanning escaped the unfortunate fate of most geeks. She was not seen in the use of alcohol or drugs, at school she was known as a round honors pupil, and today she successfully combines filming with studies at the university. Dakota does not hide from the paparazzi and calmly rides the subway.

Michael Douglas

The famous actor is incredible self-irony. When journalists are interested in his talents, he often responds with something like: "I am very deftly changing diapers for my little ones." Michael does not furnish himself with luxury and often takes children to school by metro.

Katie Holmes

Probably, Tom Cruise's ex-wife has the largest collection of pictures from the subway both alone and in company with her daughter. Katie leads a modest lifestyle of an ordinary New Yorker, known for her many traffic jams. Therefore, it does not drive a luxury car, but prefers a faster underground transport.

Jennifer Lopez

Jay Law was born into an ordinary family from the poor quarter of the Bronx. Success was achieved only through perseverance and fantastic hard work, while always remembering where to start. The singer does not use alcohol and drugs, preferring a healthy lifestyle, continues to work a lot, is actively involved in charity and human rights activities.

Paul Wesley

The Vampire Diaries star in life is completely different from macho. He does not spend his free time in elite clubs, but prefers hockey, snowboarding, playing the guitar and talking with his family. It can often be seen in public transport and inexpensive restaurants.

Zoe Deschanel

The famous actress calls herself a retro girl: she loves vintage clothes, old films and songs. Zoe does not pay attention to fashion and the opinions of others. He considers it stupid to buy expensive branded clothing, and invests the money earned in real estate and spends on charity.