8 dark series about the future that will make you afraid of tomorrow

Most often, the future is seen by mankind as beautiful and joyful: we will cure all diseases, learn how to prevent disasters and cancel all wars. But there are those who do not share universal optimism and adhere to an alternative version of the development of events. We present to your attention a selection of TV shows about the world in which something went wrong.

Black Mirror

Movie Search: 8.5 / IMDb: 8.9

British mini-series, recognized as one of the best modern anti-utopias. The satirical writer Charlie Brooker shows us his version of the near future, where progress has another side. Where is the development of technology - the path to slavish dependence on electronic gadgets and the inexorable regression of society and each individual person in it.

Continuum / Continuum

Movie Search: 7.5 / IMDb: 7.7

2077 year. Vancouver The government as an apparatus of power no longer exists, corporations that have established the most severe dictatorship rule the world. The population is mired in debt, crime is growing, corporations exercise total control over every resident of the state. Once a group of terrorists in the fight against the regime blows up a skyscraper, for which he is sentenced to death. But on the appointed day, criminals make a leap in 2012, accidentally taking with them a police officer Kira Cameron. The villains also plan to wreak havoc and destruction in order to change the course of future events. Kira gets a job at the local police in order to track down and stop the criminals. The creators turned out a controversial and ambiguous story in which there is no clear line between good and evil.


Movie Search: 6.7 / IMDb: 7.6

Post-apocalyptic Brazilian series from the creator of "City of God" Cesar Charlon. The world was divided into two parts: a prosperous civilized Offshore and lying in the ruins of Inland. The inhabitants of the ruins have a chance to get into Offshore, going through a cruel test system. Only 3% reach the finish line. Everything that happens on the screen is an interesting dialogue of authors about utopia, equality and the structure of a functional society.

Corporation / Incorporated

Movie Search: 6.9 / IMDb: 7.4

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, who produced the series, also believe that in the bleak future, the government will be replaced by large companies that subjugate all resources and gain unlimited power over people. The protagonist of the series Ben Larson for the sake of saving his beloved woman defies the existing system. He changes his personality and, becoming another person, is introduced into one of the corporations in order to bring it down from the inside.


Movie Search: 7.7 / IMDb: 8.0

On one tragic day, a series of nuclear explosions takes place across America. The small town of Jericho, located deep in the Kansas desert, has survived. But all communications are cut off in the city, and panic, anger and fear awaken primitive instincts in society: looting, total anarchy and the struggle for survival.

Dollhouse / Dollhouse

Movie Search: 7.6 / IMDb: 7.7

The near future. In the world there is a secret organization "Doll House", where people who want to get rid of some of their memories can turn to. In exchange for the service, they sign a five-year contract and become "dolls." They are completely erased from memory and put into their brain temporary memories and skills necessary for completing tasks for clients. Hired by rich and influential people, Dolls do not just fulfill their roles, but completely become those whom the next client wants to see. Once the program crashes, one of these Dolls wakes up memory.


Movie Search: 6.1 / IMDb: 6.7

Eric Kripke, Brian Burke and JJ Abrams fantasized about what science and technology experiments might lead to. In their version, scientists introduced themselves into a magnetic field and accidentally turned off all the electricity on the planet. And along with electricity, all previous social systems, states, rules and laws ended. But somehow you need to survive, and people begin to create their world anew.

People / Humans

Movie Search: 7.4 / IMDb: 8.0

As a result of technological progress and scientific research, scientists have created "synths" - robots programmed to make everyday life easier for ordinary people. People and synths live together, in the society of the future it has become commonplace. The central characters are the family that acquired Sinta Anita. Here you will not see the characteristic dystopias of the apocalypse, capture and enslavement of the world. The creators demonstrate a more subtle view of the concept of the future and deeply explores the essence of modern man on the background of increasingly developing technologies.