5 TV shows that you can watch from any season

You have some free days left, but you definitely won’t have time to watch the series lasting several seasons? Or do you want to watch a good series, but there is no desire to get attached to the characters and plot? We have compiled top series that can be watched from any season. Each time you press the play button, a new plot picture will unfold in front of you, with new characters and new actors.

American Horror Story

A typical horror thriller, from which you can not tear yourself away. Total filmed 6 seasons (73 episodes). In each season, the viewer gets acquainted with a new horror story. In the first season, the plot revolves around an old haunted mansion of the 20th century. In the second season, the main actions take place in a mental hospital, where their terrible orders reign. In the third, viewers will get acquainted with the descendants of witches. The fourth story will be about a freak show, a sort of circus freaks. In the fifth, viewers will watch the investigation of a series of brutal murders that occurred in a strange mysterious hotel. The storyline, which became the basis for the sixth season, is still unknown.

Real detective

Crime drama. Each season has its own plot and characters. In the first season, detectives investigate two brutal murders - the first happened in 1995, the second - after 17 years. The culprit has not yet been found. The murders, meanwhile, were committed according to the same scenario ... In the second season, we observe a story that unfolds in a small California town. On the eve of an important city event, the mayor of the city disappears. Later they find his corpse. Who is behind the murder of the head of the administration is to be found out by local detectives.


Filmed two seasons. The first season tells the story of an unsuccessful dealer in insurance policies who, on all fronts, from work to family, is failing. Once in a hospital, he accidentally encounters a violent criminal and a sociopath. This meeting forever changes the life of the seller of insurance policies and opens a real Pandora’s box ...

The story of the second season is centered around the events that took place in the winter of 1979 in South Dakota. This is a small town that is constantly mentioned in the first season.

Black mirror

Each series is like a separate film. Therefore, you can start watching this series in any order - from the end, selectively by the names of the series, but as you like. The series are not interconnected either by the plot, or by the actors, nor by the time or place of the narration. They are united only by a common theme - the influence of information technology and scientific discoveries on simple human relationships.

Inside the ninth number

This British comedy television series at first glance does not have a common storyline, because each series has its own main characters and its own completely new story. The only thing that unites them is the number nine. The place of action may be an apartment or a house, but without fail under this strange number.

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