9 films that we watched before the holes on videotapes (part 2)

In the nineties, in order to watch a certain film, I had to work hard - take the necessary video cassette from friends, go to the store and spend a lot of money on a new cassette, or go to the video showroom (are there anyone who still remembers their existence?). Therefore, there were only popular films in use - it’s understandable, who wanted to bother so for the tasteless mediocre movie? In our selection today, there are 9 films that we watched through holes on video cassettes. This is the second part, the first can be seen here.

Police Academy (1984)

The first part of one of the best comedies of the 80s was released in 1984, followed by another 6 parts. An American town is in desperate need of cops. The newly elected mayor requires the police department to immediately recruit new recruits. Moreover, the selection criteria are such that almost anyone can get into the police. But first they must be trained. Mahoney, an easy-going, carefree guy who faces a prison, decides to become a policeman to avoid this. And Captain Reed is condescending to him, because he knew his father, also a policeman. Mahoney, in fact, plans to fail her studies so as not to serve in the police, but there it was. Mahoney falls into his own trap. Police instructors, by all means, plan to train and graduate cadets. But it will not be easy for anyone. Neither teachers nor cadets.

Lethal Weapon (1987)

A cult action movie with comedy elements, starring in the role of Mel Gibson and Danny Glover.
Sgt. Robert Merta, who works for the Los Angeles Police Department for the Murder Investigation, gets an unpleasant surprise shortly after his 50th birthday. This surprise is the new partner, Martin Riggs. He is known for his rudeness towards detainees, aggressive behavior and suicidal tendencies. So Riggs made the death of his wife. He is going to be removed from service, but his bosses give him a chance, considering him a good specialist. Meanwhile, it becomes known about the suicide of a young girl who is the daughter of a colleague of Merta. It soon becomes clear that the girl was involved in criminal activities: drug trafficking, prostitution and pornography. The new partners annoy each other, Merth barely has time to stop Riggs from committing insane acts, but he soon becomes convinced that he knows his job perfectly.

Universal Soldier (1992)

Action with Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren in the lead roles. 1969, the war in Vietnam. Private Devereaux discovers that in the village, which his unit was entrusted with protecting, almost all the inhabitants and the military were killed. This is the work of the mad sergeant Andrew Scott, who made himself a necklace from the ears of the victims. Trying to reason and stop the madman, Devereaux kills him and dies himself. But their trained bodies can still come in handy. After a long time, both awaken from cryosus. Now they are universal soldiers created as part of a special program, and members of the special counterterrorism squad. They do not remember anything about their past. Universal soldiers perform well in hostage situations, but Devereaux discovers that his memory is returning.

Beethoven (1992)

One of the best animal comedies ever made.
Newtons are an ordinary American family with two children. The father of the family is against animals in the house, but one day he has no choice: one of the puppies who escaped from two thieves is beaten to the Newtons. This is a cute puppy for now, but he will grow into a giant St. Bernard. And although George Newton is categorically against it, his wife and children push him to the dog. Beethoven, as the dog was named after a funny incident, becomes a member of the family. But George will never get used to him: the dog strives to sleep in bed, steal from the table and commit various mischief. Children are crazy about dogs, he became a real friend to them and even helps as much as possible. Faced with a villainous veterinarian, George gets a chance to get rid of Beethoven, but understands how much he himself managed to love the dog.

Space Jam (1996)

A funny science fiction comedy in which Michael Jordan plays ... Michael Jordan. He decides to quit basketball and play baseball. In this he is much less successful. At the same time, somewhere in the bowels of the earth a whole world is hidden, inhabited by the cartoon characters of the Fun Stories - Bugs Bunny, Duffy Duck, Porky and others. But the owner of the planet, where there is a huge amusement park, plans to capture the cartoon world, since he needs cartoons to raise the level of popularity of the park. Bugs Bunny comes up with a way out - a basketball game. The problem is that the invaders are able to steal talents and use them. What they do is by stealing the ability to play with NBA stars. The cartoons understand that they will lose and decide to kidnap Michael Jordan himself, who thinks he is dreaming.

Blood sport (1988)

An action movie about martial arts, where Jean-Claude Van Damme shows his talents in the main role.
As a child, Frank Dux and his friends sneaked into the house of Senseo Senzo Tanaki to steal a katana. The master was impressed by the honesty and conscientiousness of the boy, who decided to return the weapon to its place, and offered to train it with his son Tanaki, making Frank part of the clan. Under the strict guidance of sensei, Frank learned ninjutsu. Having received an invitation to a tournament in Kumite, an illegal martial art, Frank escapes, despite the teacher's dissuasion. In Hong Kong, Frank met with an American fighter Roy Jackson, who is also going to take part in competitions. But not so simple. The tournament management is skeptical, as they are both not Asians. But the fighters prove their worth.

Ghostbusters (1984)

Fantastic comedy starring Sigourney Weaver and Bill Murray.
Three young scientists, Raymond, Igon, and Peter study what does not exist — paranormal phenomena. Their experiments are not doing well. Trying to catch a ghost in the New York Public Library, they are left without work. However, now they are even more convinced that ghosts exist, because they saw one of them with their own eyes. The guys decide to find application for their talents and knowledge and create an organization called Ghostbusters. They are well prepared: they rent the premises of an abandoned fire station, import modern equipment there and even equip their own car for transporting ghosts. And the first order is not long in coming - this is a ghost that rages in the hotel, scaring visitors.

Commando (1985)

Action with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the title role.
He plays retired colonel of special forces, John Matrix. He learns from a former colleague that all members of their squad were killed by unknown mercenaries. It soon turns out that Bennett is behind everything, a former fighter of the detachment, dismissed by Matrix for excessive cruelty. Bennett and other mercenaries attack the Matrix house and abduct his daughter. The goal of the attackers becomes clear: this is not just revenge. Matrix services are needed to kill the president of a small South American country. Arius, leader of the attackers, her former dictator, dreaming of a rematch. Matrix cannot refuse, otherwise his daughter will be killed. But the execution of such a task is contrary to his principles, because Arius is his old enemy. Matrix decides to act at its own risk.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)

Los Angeles, 1947 People and cartoon characters coexist peacefully. Cartoons are mostly occupied with the fact that they act in cartoons. Private detective Eddie is very biased against the cartoons, as one of them killed his brother, Teddy, with whom they worked together. The head of the animation studio, which most of the cartoons work for, hires Eddie to investigate rumors about the infidelity of his rabbit wife Roger, sexy Jessica. She allegedly has an affair with Marvin Akme himself, the owner of the town and a huge corporation. When Marvin is found dead, the first suspect inevitably becomes Roger Rabbit. However, Eddie will soon have to make sure that everything is not so simple in this matter, and Roger was framed.

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