Successful improvisations of actors who were not in the script

The filming process is not easy for all participants. Crazy rhythm, the need to adapt to circumstances that do not always favor, often something unplanned happens right during the take. However, it is worth recognizing that sometimes unexpected incidents play only into the hands, and "spoiled" scenes become cult.

Suspicious faces

A funny scene in which faces are recognized is already considered a cult, but many do not even realize that it is entirely an improvisation of the actors. They simply could not concentrate and tune in a serious way, as a result, the director decided that a note of humor would not hurt.

From dusk to dawn

- Welcome to slavery!
- No thanks. I was already married.

This is perhaps the most famous dialogue from the movie "From Dusk Till Dawn", and if Salma Hayek’s remark was in the script, the answer is improvisation by George Clooney, who, incidentally, was famous as an enviable bachelor, not burning with the desire to bind himself serious commitments until 2014.

True lie

The fall of the stripper, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, was not planned. An attentive viewer can notice how Arnold Schwarzenegger is trying to help a colleague to his feet. Jamie managed it herself and immediately returned to work, without leaving the image. As a result, it was this take that went into the film.

Beautiful girl

During a romantic scene in which Edward gives Vivian a precious necklace, Richard Gere did not restrain himself and joked, slamming the box at the most inopportune moment, and Julia Roberts laughed sincerely from surprise. The director decided that this take should not be re-shot, because the scene became much better.

Fight club

The famous fight between the protagonists was half improvisation. To make the scene as credible as possible, director David Fincher asked Edward Norton to do something unexpected, and he hit his colleague Brad Pitt in the ear. So the cry of pain was quite sincere, as were the apologies that followed.

Thor 2

Chris Hemsworth decided to joke during the filming of the scene when Thor enters the apartment and hangs a hammer on a clothes hanger. The crew liked the gesture so much that the take was not re-shot.


Don Corleone should not have had a cat, but the wayward representative of the cat family judged otherwise, having made his way to the set. Marlon Brando, in turn, decided that this was an interesting detail, raised the animal in his arms and perfectly played its part.

Terminator 2: Doomsday

The cult terminator phrase “I need a vacation” is the improvisation of Arnold Schwarzenegger, which pleased director James Cameron. And this is very good, because such a harsh film does not interfere with a note of humor!

Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. is still a glutton! And during the filming of Iron Man and The Avengers, he did not change his habits. The director decided that why shouldn't Tony Stark get involved in food seriously? A wonderful addition that can make a character livelier.

Mission Impossible 2

Remember the scene in which Ethan Hunt almost lost his eye? So she is also an improvisation, if I may say so! The actor really very carelessly waved a knife, and Tom Cruise saved only the safety cable from injury.

Silence of the Lambs

The sound Hannibal Lecter makes is considered his trademark, but that was an improvisation by Anthony Hopkins. Later, he said that he had decided on this in order to add something serpentine and truly dangerous to the hero.


The run of the protagonist was shot in the real market, as the film crew experienced a serious shortage of funds and could not afford extras. So the seller of oranges, throwing one to Sylvester Stallone, is quite real. An excellent improvisation came out.

The Dark Knight

Heath Ledger, who played the role of the Joker in the movie "The Dark Knight", really imbued with his character, so he improvised a lot to the delight of the crew. For example, the Joker should not have applauded Gordon in prison, but he did it leisurely and dangerously. Christopher Nolan endorsed this initiative.

And during the filming of the explosion of the hospital, everything had to go quickly and smoothly, it was planned that the Joker would just get to the bus and leave the scene of the crime. But there was a hitch that caused the improvisation of Heath Ledger. He played with the detonator until the technique was established. No one could even think that this was not a planned move, but Christopher Nolan decided to reveal this secret.

Django Unchained

The scene in which DiCaprio paces, waving his arms, and reciting poetry should not have been sprinkled with blood. But the actor accidentally cut his hand, and Tarantino did not order everyone to stop. Leo, however, also did not come out of the image, deciding to continue to play his part.


The famous phrase of Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie "Titanic" is: "I am the king of the world!" And she is the purest improvisation of the actor, which it was decided to leave. And the equally famous spit scene was also an improvisation of the actors. Nice, right?

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