10 films, after watching which you want to return to school

What associations and feelings do you have when thinking about school? Nostalgia, the desire to walk along the school corridors again and hang out with friends after class? Or is the mere word "school" throwing it in the heat, then in the cold, and hands treacherously covered with goosebumps? On the one hand, it’s good that we have long been adults. No need to cram physics and draw molecular compounds in chemistry. No need to "climb the tree" to climb stupid skis in the snow, no need to be on duty in the dining room and put up with the laughs of vicious classmates. On the other hand, I would like to return to school years, at least for a day. Films from our selection today will definitely return you to the past - albeit only for one and a half to two hours.

With love, Simon

Love, Simon | 2018 year

A touching film with cute teen Simon in the center of the plot. He has a good house and a wonderful family, but he just doesn’t have a girlfriend. This is because Simon is gay and every day makes a lot of efforts to hide his orientation from others.

The main character reveals his secret only to an anonymous interlocutor in the chat. They have a lot in common, and he is almost falling in love. The silly classmate Martin spoils everything, accidentally reading a correspondence and threatening to show it to the whole school if Simon does not help him make friends with one cool girl.

10 reasons for my hatred

10 Things I Hate About You | 1999 year

An excellent youth comedy, which, despite its age, has still not lost its relevance. In the center of the plot are two sisters, two complete opposites to each other.

Bianca is the coolest girl in school. She really wants to go to a party and meet her friend there. The father sets the girl a condition: he will only be allowed to go if her sister Kat goes with her. But the freedom-loving and sharp-tongued husband-hater Kat hates parties. Now Bianca and her friend are faced with a difficult task: to find such a guy for her sister, for whom she would agree to go on a party.

Mean Girls

Mean Girls | 2004 year

A favorite comedy of many girls, which can be reviewed again and again at any age. Girl Cady lived all her life in Africa with her parents and never went to a regular school. Now they are moving to America, and the heroine will go to an American school for the first time in 15 years.

The world of adolescents is harsh, and sometimes even cruel, and at first timid and naive Cady has a hard time. As luck would have it, she also falls head over heels in love with the ex-boyfriend of the coolest girl in school. This involves the "brand new" in the cycle of gossip and intrigue.

Here I am

That's What I Am | 2011

A fascinating and interesting, but at the same time serious and deeply meaningful film about teenagers. The action takes place in the 60s in an ordinary school. There is taught by a very outstanding teacher, Mr. Simon, all the children adore him.

One day, Mr. Simon brings together in a group to create the final project of two completely different students - the red-haired and lanky G, who everyone scoffs at and the ordinary student Andy. Now Andy will have to be on the other side of the barricade, immerse herself in the world of the rogue and see how the main losers of the school live.

The perks of Being a Wallflower

The Perks of Being a Wallflower | year 2012

The sensational film, captivating a huge number of viewers, was shot according to an equally popular book of the same name by its author. It tells about the teenager Charlie - a shy, emotional and sensitive student in a regular school. He has no friends, but one day he gets acquainted with the stepbrother and sister of Patrick and Sam from graduation class.

This acquaintance turns the life of the protagonist - with the help of new friends he fights with timidity, begins to go to parties, tastes the first alcohol and first love. From a timid boy he turns into a teenager who boldly knows everything around.


Wild child | 2008 year

One of the best girl youth comedies suitable for viewing at any age. He talks about the rambunctious American girl Poppy - a real tear from Malibu, which nobly rattles the nerves of parents and teachers.

Once her father’s nerves could not stand it, and he sent his daughter for re-education in a strict English boarding house. The atmosphere there did not immediately appeal to the rebel and now her main goal is to escape. Together with new friends, she develops a cunning plan, but her plan, of course, spoils love ...

Macho and nerd

21 Jump Street | year 2012

Easy and hilarious action movie that will help you to laugh heartily and have a good evening. One of the main characters is a complete and insecure, but very smart guy Schmidt enters the police academy. He immediately faces a problem - physical training is too tough for him.

To help the hero comes yesterday’s enemy Dzhenko - strong, but very dumb. He agrees to help Schmidt if he helps him with the tests. Together, partners will have to work undercover and go to school, where a new synthetic drug is distributed.

Daddy is 17 again

17 Again | year 2009

This is a comedy on a topic beloved by everyone - moving a person from one body to another. Such an idea never gets old and finds a new interesting embodiment in this picture. The story will be about Mike O'Donnell, who was once the best basketball player and had high hopes, but because of his girlfriend’s pregnancy, he was forced to forget about sports.

Now Mike is an almost forty-year-old loser on the verge of a divorce. He is nostalgic about the past, wants to return to his 16th and change everything, and once fate gives him such an opportunity.

Grade Teacher

Fack ju Göhte | year 2013

German cinema can also please with high-quality comedies with a good sense of humor and a good level of jokes. The light plot even makes you think about something serious. And he tells about the robber Zeka Müller who has unwound the term, intending to pick up her hatch hidden at a construction site.

Who would have thought, but in thirteen months a whole school appeared instead of a construction site. But Muller is not going to give up, so he gets a job there as a teacher. Having access to all rooms, he quickly develops a plan, finds the right place and begins to drill the wall ...

Society of Dead Poets

Dead Poets Society | 1989 year

This film is strongly knocked out among the mostly light youth comedies presented above. It requires a more serious approach, carries a deeper meaning and makes a powerful impression.

A young teacher of English literature, John Keating, ends up in a stiff educational institution with established rules and traditions. It is the exact opposite of the local teaching community: it strikes with its directness, outstanding thinking, a complete lack of tediousness and a brilliant sense of humor. It is not surprising that he immediately wins the students' love, and from that moment their fascinating adventures begin within the college.

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