15 films that we watched before the holes on videotapes (part 3)

Today, to watch a movie, it’s enough to have the Internet at hand. I went in, found, downloaded. Or paid for a subscription to some media library to watch your favorite movies and TV shows in high quality at any time. In the nineties, the life of a movie fan was a real torment. Video salons, recording movies on videotapes, cinemas with a meager choice ... I wanted to watch a certain movie - be kind, wait for it on TV and record it on a videotape. Or get to the video showroom, pay the money and take the right cassette for a day. Cool films were worth their weight in gold. They were cherished like the apple of an eye and looked up to the holes. In our collection today, this is exactly the kind of movie (this is the third part of our retro collection, here you can see the first selection from the 90s, and here the second).


Philadelphia | 1993 year

The film allows you to see a wonderful duet of such young Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington and poses several very acute problems, especially relevant at the end of the last century.

The protagonist Andrew Beckett - successfully works in a large firm as a lawyer. Accompanying one major contract, right on the edge of the deadline, he suddenly loses all the important documents that pop up only at the last moment. The company blames him for everything and dismisses him. Andrew is sure that all this was specially adjusted, and the real reason for his dismissal was his homosexuality and AIDS. He’s just not going to put up with this, so he goes to court to restore justice.

Frozen Californian

Encino Man | 1992 year

Incredibly funny and light comedy film that will enrich each viewer with a powerful wave of positive. What is happening in it is absolutely unbelievable. Dave and Stony decided to dig a pool and started full-scale work at the bottom of the pit.

Suddenly, a huge glacier was discovered underground, which has been lying there for more than a thousand years. Inside the ice block was a real man - a frozen Cro-Magnon man. He managed to unfreeze and revive, and from this moment begins a real movement.

Lawn mower

The Lawnmower Man | 1992 year

Once this film made a very strong impression and at the time of its release was an original fantastic thriller on a new topic. Despite the fact that computers are no longer a wonder for us, now watching this picture is just as easy and interesting.

Professor Angelo, a genius computer scientist, is experimenting with his neighbor, the cute, mentally retarded kid, lawn mower Joba. He tries to increase his intelligence, and at first Job shows phenomenal results, but later frightening side effects begin to appear ...


Leprechaun | 1992 year

The comedy horror movie about the evil gnome shocked the audience in the 90s and looks just as good now. The protagonist, Mr. O'Grady, comes from Ireland and solemnly announces to his wife that they are now rich and will heal in a new way. He stole his gold from Leprechaun, and now they will not need anything.

Only O'Grady rejoices early, because in one of the suitcases the owner of the stolen gold arrived - a small, but very evil and cruel gnome, ready to kill anyone who dares to touch his wealth.

Hot heads

Hot shots! | 1991 year

They say that this old comedy from the 90s is able to put on the shoulder blades any modern comedy film and make the audience laugh until you drop. The plot is simple and straightforward, allowing you to relax and laugh heartily. This is a parody film, and it parodies a lot of films in a very high quality and skillful manner, starting with The Best Shooter and ending with Gone With the Wind.

The scene is a military base, and the whole plot is built around Operation Sleepy Ferret: a young pilot, together with his comrades, must perform a dangerous maneuver in the air. In the process of preparing and conducting the operation, many comic situations occur.

Remember all

Total Recall | 1990 year

A fantastic blockbuster from the dashing 90s with incredible plot twists and Arnold Schwarzenegger in the title role became an immortal hit that can impress the modern audience.

In the center of the plot is a simple hard worker Douglas Quaid. He lives an ordinary life in a good house with a wonderful wife and, in general, is completely satisfied with his life. But, like any person, the soul asks for something new and unusual. He turns to a company where, thanks to illusions, people are helped to live the life of another person. Douglas was a commando, first-class wielding weapons and martial arts. Only now, after the session, he cannot distinguish between illusion and reality and remember who he really is ...


Flatliners | 1990 year

The film is about serious and dangerous games with the death of people and questions that have always haunted humanity: what happens after death, does reincarnation, heaven and hell exist? Four medical students are trying to get to the truth. They alternately introduce themselves into a state of clinical death, and then get out of it and describe their feelings.

These experiments have terrible and unpleasant consequences - strange things begin to happen to the coma. They begin to see terrible visions related to sins from the past, and getting rid of them will be very difficult.

Kids games

Child's Play | 1988 year

This is the first part of the famous horror series about a bloodthirsty killer doll, which is considered the most successful and truly scary. The story begins with the escape of a serial killer from prison, during which he broke into a children's store and was mortally wounded. Before his death, he recited a voodoo spell, and his soul moved not to hell, but to one of the dolls.

This same doll named Chucky goes to six-year-old boy Andy Buckley. He immediately realized that things were wrong with the toy, but none of the adults believed him. And Chuckie, meanwhile, is starting to really kill ...


Batman | 1989 year

This is the first major film adaptation of the Batman story created by director Tim Burton. It turned out atmospheric, criminal, gloomy, but amazing film. Bruce Wayne lost his parents as a child, and since then he has a hatred of crime and justice.

Gotham teeming with criminals, and the mysterious hero Batman stood up for the weak. He also has to punish one of the main villains - the Joker. It will be a dangerous and spectacular struggle between good and evil, on the outcome of which the life of the whole city depends.

Tremors of the earth

Tremors | 1989 year

The old, but still relevant horror film will be interesting to the modern viewer thanks to a good-humor, an atmosphere of adventure and good special effects. The two main characters live in the small town of Perfection and do dirty work - they collect garbage and clean the sewer.

When such classes routinely annoy the children, they decide to leave the city and move on, but sudden tremors interfere with their departure. It soon turns out that the causes of the tremors are giant underground worms that respond to noise and love to enjoy people.

K-9: Dog work

K-9 | 1989 year

This picture is a real classic, loved not only by dog ​​lovers, but also by everyone who prefers good family comedies. In the center of the plot, a policeman from the drug department Thomas Dooley. He is stubborn and decisive, does not stand on ceremony with his superiors and is ready to do everything to achieve his goal.

He is actively working on the case of exposing large drug shipments and is great at ruining the lives of big bosses. To make things go faster, the hero takes a partner, but not a policeman, but a dog. However, relations with the dog immediately began to develop worse than ever, and Thomas no longer knows what to do with this shaggy asshole.


Overboard | 1987 year

Another bright, kind and hilarious comedy that is perfect for a family evening. This is a story about the arrogant and rickety millionaire, the owner of a luxury yacht. While her ship was being repaired in one of the ports, she managed to quarrel with one of his workers, salting him a lot.

At night, the girl falls overboard her yacht and hits her head. She is saved by the same carpenter with whom she quarreled. As soon as a man finds out that the girl has lost her memory, he comes up with a brilliant plan of revenge. Declaring her his wife, he brings a billionaire who does not remember anything to his house, where four unbearable children are already waiting for “mommy”.


Leon | 1994 year

An ingenious film that can be watched endlessly. Every once in a lifetime should see this masterpiece - deep, thoughtful and insanely tragic. The story tells of the twelve-year-old Matilda living in a dysfunctional family. When all her relatives are killed by drug dealers, she seeks salvation from her neighbor.

Leon is an uncommunicative and lonely hired killer. He is cold-blooded and cruel, but does not refuse to help the charming Matilda. Having learned what a new acquaintance is doing, a young girl becomes obsessed with the desire to become the same as him and take revenge on the murderers of her little brother ...

Harry and Hendersons

Harry and the Hendersons | 1987 year

Good old comedy, great for watching with children. The plot focuses on the American Hendersen family; they are returning home from a forest trip to Seattle. On the way, they suddenly knock down a huge furry creature, which upon closer inspection turns out to be ... a snowman!

Moving away from the shock, family members decide to take it with them, and then send it to the research center for study. But at home, the creature comes to life, and from that moment on, the life of the Henderson family changes dramatically.


Braveheart | 1995 year

An atmospheric historical drama that can conquer the heart of even filmgoers indifferent to this genre. He talks about William Wallace, the man who inspired the people of Scotland to war against England in the 13th century and became a national hero.

As a child, he lost his father, who was killed by the British. He grew up and received a good education in Europe, after which he returned, intending to start a family and live a quiet life. But all these dreams fall apart when the English kill his bride. Now William is obsessed with revenge and will devote himself to a bloody war with England.

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