7 films about drugs and why it is better to bypass them

We promise: no dull moralizing. These films are least like social advertising about a healthy lifestyle. They are about the broken destinies of people whose life was once closely intertwined with drugs. Two hours of watching these films fly by instantly. And after the final credits I want one thing - to shut up, digest the plot, think about your life. Just don’t think that these films will certainly spoil your mood and leave behind a heavy impression. No. Rather, the opposite.

On the needle

Trainspotting | 1995 year

A biting, topical and highly social film that has become a real hit among paintings on the subject of drugs. In the center of the plot is a company of drug addicts friends, each of whom came to such a life in his own way. The narration is conducted on behalf of one of them - Renton.

Renton sits heavily on drugs. He hates and considers mortally boring the normal life of ordinary people with work, family, shops, a sofa and bullying shows. But soon he begins to dream about her, trying to get out of the fetid pit into which his dependence drove him. Time after time he tries to jump off and heal with that very life, like everyone else, but again breaks down.

Requiem for a Dream

Requiem for a Dream | year 2000

A powerful film that has long become a classic and a regular in the ratings of films that everyone should watch. This is a story about the life of four people - a young guy Harry, his elderly mother, his girlfriend Marion and friend Tyler.

Each of them has a dream. Harry's mother wants to get into the popular television show, Marion wants to open her boutique, and the hero himself and Tyler just dream of getting rich. Everyone’s desire is quite feasible, but not when drugs get in their way. A heavy addiction turns their dreams, which seemed so close, to dust and destroys their lives.


Candy | 2006 year

A heavy and tragic film that makes you feel so hopeless that for some time after watching you don’t even want to talk. On the screens is a touching and beautiful love story of a young and pretty artist Candy and poet Dan. They are madly in love and happy. They strive to further expand the boundaries of their love and sharpen their passion, but they don’t even know what their fleeting addiction to drugs will turn their lives into.

When addiction takes hold of them in their entirety, and money for heroin begins to be scarce, paradise collapses from a collision with harsh reality. Candy goes to the panel to get money for the next dose, Dan cannot stop it, and their life is becoming more and more like hell.

Basketball Player Diaries

The Basketball Diaries | 1995 year

The film is based on the autobiography of cult American writer Jim Carroll. Young Leonardo DiCaprio played the role of a sixteen-year-old teenager - a promising basketball player, a young poet and a boy, keeping his diary.

The hero’s life literally breaks in half when at one of the parties he tries cocaine. Jim is sure that you can kick a couple of times and get down, but in reality it turns into a heavy heroin addiction. An ordinary, cute guy turns into an avid addict, ready for anything for the sake of the dose. He really wants to tie, really wants to. But there is no turning back.


Blow | year 2001

The film is based on real events and tells the story of a real person, George Jung. He was released from prison in 2014, after serving 40 years for drug trafficking.

The protagonist in childhood learned what poverty is, and promised himself that he would never be poor. And he found something for his liking - drug trafficking. George's career skyrocketed, he became one of the largest importers of cocaine and even collaborated with Pablo Escobar. But it is impossible to trade in drugs and not become dependent on them, not make enemies and stay at large for free. For wealth and success had to pay too much.


Spun | 2002 year

A kind of comedy-dramatic and a bit thrashy film about the young addict-meth addict Ross. It is not the first day that he has been hanging around without drying out, which is why he is already specifically blowing the roof - thoughts have become chaotic, actions unpredictable and inadequate.

Once he meets the manufacturer of the meta "Cook" and his pretty girlfriend, and from that moment their incredible adventures begin. Due to the action of drugs, the heroes do not sleep for days and lose track of time, and gradually themselves ...

Face with a scar

Scarface | 1983 year

The cult film with Al Pacino in the title role became the representative of the golden classics of the criminal genre. He talks about the Cuban bandit Antonio Montana, who arrived in sunny Miami along with other refugees.

This person has very big ambitions, and it is better not to get in his way. Not wanting to work in a diner all his life and share the fate of "dangerous" immigrants, he sets his laws and lives by them. The hero quickly breaks into the criminal circles of Miami, finds his place there and rises to the very top. Having made acquaintance with the largest drug lord Lopez, he rubs his trust in him and occupies an important position in his organization. But this is not enough for him ...

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